Pregnant Teenager Murdered
Praise Be To Wasta!

On The Side Of Evil

The People's Voice:

The Zionists consider themselves to have the sovereign rights to oppress and vilify other people. - having had an enormous monopoly over the information services in the West. The Zionist have always manipulated their way to advantage - in promoting their version of the conquest of Palestine, and their wars against neighbouring Arab states, and the tales – the "history" of the Jewish people, especially concerning the WW2 - and the so-called "holocaust".

Then comes the explicit and euphoric support for Farfur and this:

No film mainstream makers of TV program or other media dares to be critical of the Jews, "Israel" or Zionism - a Jewish male must be referred to as 'a nice Jewish boy. a young girl is a Jewish Princess. Jew musicians are always 'talented," writers " are gifted," painters very "sensitive," the Jewish doctors are "brilliant." The Jew millionaires are "philanthropic and visionary. What a big lie and conspiracy Lastly - millions of innocent Christians have been victimized by pro-Zionist film and TV propaganda. They do not realize the Jew "name changers" have used subtle and very sophisticated stories - to manipulate the minds of other people. - No nation or people can long remain free - while such a medium is totally controlled by venomous alien Jews - whose loyalty is to Zionism first!

Link via Elder of Ziyon.


Josh Scholar

I wonder how Einstein and Richard Feynman convinced people that they were talented, gifted or brilliant? Those evil Jewish "name changers" must have used especially subtle lies.

I can't make myself read that sort of crap anymore.

David Boxenhorn

a young girl is a Jewish Princess

The fact that this is an insult just slips right by...

Josh Scholar

I'm fairly sure he was incensed that "Jewish Princess" isn't more insulting. He's picked up that Americans don't hate Jews and that offends him. No doubt he would prefer "Jewish Slut"

Right after 9/11 I started reading Arab newspapers and one of the first articles I noticed was one called "Why Americans Love Jews"in a Jordanian paper. The idea was that Americans don't hate Jews like all good people do. There was also a column in the same paper where the reporter talked about how everyone he meets is very happy that 9/11 happened.

Both of those articles were in an online section for ones that had been rejected by government censors...

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