Political Mayhem in Pakistan
Air-Conditioned Exploitation!


Josh Scholar

5) The only practical way to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is for the Israelis to transfer the Palestinians and take their land. There's a simple reason why the Israelis and Palestinians have never been able to reach a peace agreement: it's because the Palestinians are part of a sick, twisted, death cult. Their "nation" is run by terrorists who openly admit that their goal is to destroy Israel and the average person on the street is a monster who wants to kill Israelis more than he or she loves his own children. Speaking of the children in that country, before they can even stand on their own two feet, they're being taught that the grandest thing that they can ever do in life is blow themselves up and take some Israelis with them. No wonder the Israelis can't get along with these people. No one could. Imagine the family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre times a few million and you have the sort of neighbors Israel has to deal with.

He states the problem more succinctly than I've seen before but goes wrong in assuming that any solution is possible. No matter what Israelis do, no matter what anyone does, there is going to be war and massacre and genocide from all that hatred in the future.

Transfer, (Hawkins' suggestion) might work for Israel, but it might also might destroy Israel's economy as they lose all their trading partners, and then, perceived as weakened they are attacked by the Muslims with insane intensity...

There's no certain way to avoid Jihad against Israel. Maybe Jihad will stop after Muslims have started a few more wars with countries much stronger** than Israel - countries that have both the physical ability and the political ability to bomb cities from the air for the express purpose of killing civilians and demoralizing them. Then the pain of seeing what WWII was like for themselves may end Islam. When it becomes clear that conquest is impossible, that technology has turned war into mass suicide, then, perhaps, Muslims will judge that Islam can't deliver on it's promises and has become entirely obsolete. Because as much as we like to think otherwise, Islam only really promises heaven as a result of dying in battle.

** Israel is weak because she's so small and dependent on trade with a world that cares nothing for her and plenty for the oil that her enemies have.

But it may be a century or two before the whole world is too well armed to attack anymore. I wonder if Islam will simply stick to safes targets like Thailand and the Philippines. Though even then what's to stop Thailand from buying bombers and showing them that they should have accepted the peace offerings of paper cranes?

I think the only end to Jihad will come after infinite pain and loss leads to the end of faith. I suspect that as long as Muslims believe in Jihad they will attack Israel (and America and everyone else). Though there was that blogger (Omar I think, who is against Jihad in Israel, but completely in favor of it in Kashmir). Maybe Islamist hatred is much more portable than I thought.

Anyway I also suspect that being nuked by Israel in retaliation won't weaken Islam either, because it will only confirm Mujahidin Mickey Mouse's line that Jews are the cause of all evil and also because Israel, no matter how well armed is far too small to provoke all that much fear.

Really, I think that Islam likes to pick safe enemies. Israel was chosen because it was so small (and conveniently close by) that it seemed easy picking. America was chosen because she seemed too far away to be a real threat as well. But the world has gotten smaller.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Really, I think that Islam likes to pick safe enemies. Israel was chosen because it was so small (and conveniently close by) that it seemed easy picking."

True. This pattern will be repeated in Europe. Muslims at the moment are too small in numbers to launch a full-scale Jihad there but with the decay of time, the shriveling Europeans are going to be treated to a horror show.

The Islamists made a mistake by attacking the US on 9/11. Six years later, America is economically stronger and two tyrannical enemies have been utterly obliterated.

Still, it just hasn't sunk in for them: America has the potential to be incomparably ruthless. Stop messing with her!

Josh Scholar

The problem is that the middle east invented a phantom enemy America years ago, and entire generations have grown up with a totally imaginary American enemy. The truth was that we weren't their enemy at all and mostly didn't even remember that they existed. When they would say insane things about us, we would just smile and ignore them...

But because they're attacking us, they force us, eventually, to actually become their enemy for the first time.

They don't yet perceive the difference between the delusion that America is an enemy and America ACTUALLY being an enemy.

They may never notice that a transition took place because they don't seem connected with history - they rewrite it all the time. It's the problem with religious fanatics, their beliefs are constructed without reference to reality.


Beautifully said, Josh. I've never seen anyone put it so succinctly.

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