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Islam Is Against Hugging

Times Online:

The Pakistani Tourism Minister resigned yesterday after hardline Islamic clerics accused her of obscenity for hugging her instructor after a charity parachute jump.

Nilofer Bakhtiar was photographed in brightly coloured jumpsuit and hugging her instructor after a tandem jump to raise money for child victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan in October 2005.

The images provoked the wrath of clerics in Islamabad, who accused Ms Bakhtiar of posing in an obscene manner and violating the Islamic moral norms.

What's happening in the capital of Pakistan:

Ms Bakhtiar told a Senate standing committee that her life was under threat. Human rights and political activists and many other Pakistanis had condemned the campaign against her and expressed support. But the Government did not take any action against the clerics, who are campaigning for the establishment of Taleban-style conservative Islamic rule in the capital, and instead urged her to resign. The clerics have already set up a parallel justice system and openly promote vigilantes in the city.

It could have been worse:

Her resignation was the latest blow to female politicians in Pakistan. Less than two months ago a Punjab provincial minister was shot dead in the eastern city of Gujranwala because she was not wearing a veil.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.


Saul Wall

People used to hug in pre-Islamic times and as a result, God flooded the world.

In Islam, when it comes to expressions of humanity, DO NOT WANT!!!

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