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Free or Not to Free the Yuan

Greg Mankiw:

The dollar-yuan exchange rate is an economic fetish of many people unschooled in basic economics (a topic previously discussed here). In today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Dartmouth economist Matthew Slaughter, fresh from a stint at the CEA, tries to bring some rationality to the issue.

Go read it all.

I think it's a terrible idea for American lawmakers to demand that China conduct her monetary policy in a certain way.



No offense, but are you personally competing against the Chinese? Its all good and well to say, in the economic long term let things be, its another when its your company being slaughtered by super low priced Chinese goods produced by companies with access to cheap loans and backed by an exchange rate - oh, and they get to rebate taxes when they export, too.

You know, if we elminated tenure and put professor's jobs up for lowest bid auctions every year or so, I wonder what the profs would say to that?

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