Oh The Sweet Peaceful Majority
A Glimpse of the Future?

Afghans and Arabs

There is a lot of truth in this post.

Arabs hold a peculiar position in the Islamic world. Even though Islam originated from their lands, many Muslims -- for instance Turks and Persians -- loath the Arabs. They are thought of as being hideously pampered and arrogant. Not to mention their work ethic is nonexistent.

In the post script:

I left my position in Iraq in February 2007, and will soon be seeking international work in other parts of the world - anywhere besides Dar al Islam. While I remain passionate about the threat of Islamic jihad against America and the world, I have found it necessary to take a break from the crushing effects of Islam mentally, as well as physically.

I understand.


Josh Scholar

I read that a week ago and bookmarked it.

Sad note that he ends saying that he's looking forward to the friendly Hindus of Bali.

Isn't Bali part of Indonesia? The same Indonesia where the cleric who ran the Bali bombing was given a slap on the wrist and treated like a hero by his own captors who posed for photographs shaking his hand or clasping his shoulders.

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