Uncouth History
Opposing A Symbol Of Oppression Is Intolerant


Josh Scholar

I'm half way through and I'm having fun:

Hitchens: Well, I'd like to think that's the way things are going. Unfortunately, it has the corollary, what we vulgarly call celebrity culture, which I don't like either, because it has the effect of not exactly deifying but elevating mediocre human individuals into something like cult status. That, I don't trust. There are lots of secular forms of worship, and propitiation I don't like.

Farley: Like Marilyn Monroe, who in the end is more like a cultural archetype than a human being.

Hitchens: Particularly her, as it happens. Partly because I used to worry that I was gay or something when I was young, not that that would be such a terrible thing. I could not see what was sexually attractive about her.

Farley: Well, I'm gay and I get it.

Hitchens: Oh, good, well, I've since found that many many gay people think she's absolute heaven. Like Elizabeth Taylor. I wouldn't fuck Elizabeth Taylor with your dick. Then Briget Bardot came along and I realized I was all right.


Josh Scholar

Oooh, the explanation that the religious right actually has no power because every time they tried to impose a religious law or ruling it destroyed their political power. They only have political power as long as they continue to fail to impose any religious laws.

Prohibition? A failure. The Scopes trial (that stopped teaching evolution) a disaster.

If they stop abortion, it will destroy the power of the Republicans etc. Bush hired one hundred and fifty lawyers from Pat Robertson's law school, and even then they don't even dare try to put prayer in school.

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