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The bodies had barely been removed when the racial epithets started pouring in. Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old identified as the killer of 32 on the Virginia Tech campus, may have lived in the state since his elementary school days, but to the bigots in the blogosphere it was his origins in Korea that mattered most. "Koreans are the most hotheaded and macho of East Asians," wrote one unnamed commentator on the Sepia Mutiny blog. "They are also sick and tired of losing their Korean girlfriends to white men with an Asian fetish."

MSNBC uses an anonymous comment from a blog in its lead paragraph to illustrate bigotry and backlash in America!? How moronic and revealing.

Sepia Mutiny:

The views in the soundbite which MSNBC/Newsweek opportunistically and irresponsibly highlighted are NOT shared by the vast majority of those who write, comment or lurk here; they are the exception, not the rule on a blog which was created to enlighten, not divide. We are saddened that such a reputable and established source of news would manipulate our site’s purpose and imply that the words of a rogue commenter are somehow indicative of the work we tirelessly try to do.

That's precisely what they did. Those who don't know about SM will read: bigots, blog, Sepia Mutiny.



When I red on the Jawa Report that several members of the media mafia were labeling this as the worst mass murder in US history I realized that these people are not just biased. I can see letting a major thing slip your mind for a few seconds but they wrote these pieces, proofread them and sent them past editors and without ever even bringing up the term September 11th when discussing mass murder. It was less than 6 years ago and they can not even remember it. That is not bad memory or bias. That is mental illness.

The world's media is mentally ill.

Isaac Schrödinger

That is utterly surreal. Anyone ought to easily see that more deaths resulted from the 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

They're just flushing down the toilet what little credibility they had left.


Just think of it as a litmus test. The people who are smart enough to realize that MSNBC had to pull out a single anonymous comment to make that point will start being more independent if they aren't already. It's just a way to separate the wheat from the chaff in public discourse, IMO.

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