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Middle East Times:

Some 2,000 Muslim scholars, teachers, and administrators from madrassas across Pakistan Tuesday declared suicide attacks un-Islamic and opposed enforcement of Sharia by force.

The first such gathering in Pakistan also declared illegal and un-Islamic threats to hairdressers against shaving off beards and attacks on video shops in the name of curbing obscenity in North West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan. They said that such acts were a "conspiracy of some hidden powers."

Even when Muslims openly and explicitly wreak havoc in their own country, these clowns still blame Jews or infidels in general ("hidden powers").

A declaration issued after the madrassa convention said that "some hidden powers are engaged in suicide attacks against the Muslim administration of our country and the victims are our Muslim brothers."

Pakistani cities are relatively liberal when it comes to music and movies. The assaults on such businesses has eroded the sympathy of average Pakistanis. This seems like a shrewd move to say, "Hey, we are not like those crazy Islamists. We're prudent!"

I'm more convinced of this after reading the last paragraph:

The meeting was convened by opposition politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman, whose hardline Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party, running thousands of madrassas in the country, had backed Afghanistan's ousted Taliban regime.

Somehow, the jailing of men who didn't have long-enough beards, the public beatings of uncovered women, the executions via a bullet in stadiums and the throwing of homosexuals off cliffs was all worthy of full support. The only difference today is that the short-term political reality has changed.

Link via Celestial Junk.


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