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Josh Scholar

When I first saw the mini-ninja I really did think it was meant to be a muslima doll. I had to see the file-name to see that it was meant as a ninja.

Of course the people who wear full abayas or whatever it's called probably think dolls are haram anyways, even if they are completely covered.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's tough to say in the case of Saudi Arabia. We don't know how many people truly think like that and how many don't.

The Saud regime banned* female dolls and teddy bears in 2003. So, there was a significant market demand for them. I know that my sisters and their friends used to play with dolls when they were young. They also had quite a selection of stuffed animals.

* The logic was that dolls are equivalent to "idol worship" and promote "slutiness". (I remember James Lileks writing some excellent commentary on this lunacy.)

Josh Scholar

Hold on. Didn't Aisha play with dolls?

And yes, I do remember the context of when she was playing with dolls.

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