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Can The Jews Get A Chocolate Moses?


Perhaps I have no call to respond to the “My Sweet Lord” story making the rounds all over the city (that’s New York City, or Manhattan, to all you outta towners), since I am not a Christian or worshipper of Jesus Christ, but I can say one thing, as a member of the Tribe of Chosen Peeps...

I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone, and pardon me for pointing out the facts here, but the Jooooish people, for the past few thousand years, have been putting up with some of the most insane and idiotic bullshit that no one person, group of people, city, state, or nation should ever know from. Pour yourselves a glass of Manischewitz and make your tucches right at home, because I’m about to elaborate.

Oh, does she ever.

The Mysterious "Boudaries"

Anonymous left a comment in this post.

How cud u show such cartoons ? First let us see what is freedom.. Freedom means to do anything within certain laws and rules. Like in americs i am free, this does not mean i can run around the city nude. so i am bound to follow certain rules.

That is correct.

The same way freedom of speech does not mean u insult other peoples belief.

Really? Which law states that?

If that were true, comedians would be out of business.

The proof is that when the muslims showed posters of the pope gone mad & other bad stuff about the pope the christians became angry.

Becoming angry with a certain behavior does not imply that said behavior is illegal.

So where is this freedom of speech ??? Where is this freedom eh ?

I don't know, I lost the address.

Freedom goes with boudaries. you cannot insult any religon. It is a grave sin. This applies to both christians & muslims & normal moral & ethical values.

Not true. Just because x number of people believe something doesn't mean that their beliefs are outside the bounds of criticism.

Any belief can be challenged. If it really is sensible, then it can withstand the assault. If it is not, then it deserves to be put in the trash bin of history.

What Jihad?

Scott Johnson reviews D'Souza's book in The New Criterion:

D’Souza does not devote more than a few words to bin Laden’s 1998 manifesto specifically, though it is bin Laden’s final pre-9/11 written declaration of war. D’Souza generally observes, “When bin Laden calls America a Crusader state, he means that America is on a vicious international campaign to impose its atheist system of government and its pagan values on Muslims.”

According to D’Souza, bin Laden’s war against the “Crusader” United States and his condemnation of the “Zionist” half of the “Zionist Crusader alliance” are not based on the religion of either, but rather their lack of it. “The context of bin Laden’s arguments clearly shows that bin Laden is not speaking of a religious war between Islam and Christianity… . In the classical Muslim understanding, there is a fundamental distinction between Jews and Christians on the one hand and polytheists and atheists on the other.” D’Souza suggests that bin Laden either thinks highly of Christians and Jews, consistent with D’Souza’s understanding of traditional Islam, or maintains a discreet silence concerning his dissent from the tradition for fear of “alienat[ing] traditional Muslims.” To paraphrase the Biblical verse, in D’Souza’s book you shall not hear of jihad or rumors of jihad. The word does not appear in the index and the concept is not discussed in the book.

So, what exactly is the war about?

D’Souza places great stock in bin Laden’s November 2002 “Letter to America.” D’Souza cites it as cardinal evidence of bin Laden’s hatred of “the cultural left.” In the letter, bin Laden calls on Americans to “reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and trading with interest.”

Somehow, I don't think "the cultural left" has a monopoly on bank accounts, credit cards, and mortgages.

4 in 4 For The First Time


South Africa needed a meagre four runs to win with five wickets in hand when Malinga finished batsmen as if swatting flies. He fooled Shaun Pollock with a beauty of a slower ball before hurrying Andrew Hall with a juddering yorker that looped up to cover. The first ball of the next over produced the hat-trick, the fifth in World Cups, when the set Jacques Kallis nicked to the wicketkeeper before a brute of a yorker zoomed past Makhaya Ntini.

No bowler in one-day history has managed four in four - Saqlain Mushtaq has managed four in five - and Malinga took Sri Lanka to the brink of an outrageous day-light robbery.

We would have got the choking of the decade had the last South African wicket fallen.

Bad News For Hillary

Incredibly awful numbers:

The Harris Poll finds 50 percent of U.S. adults would not vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic candidate for President. Even 21 percent of Democrats would not vote for her.

The New York Senator fares little better with independents - 48 percent say they would not vote for her, while 37 percent say they would.

It seems that Hillary Clinton will become the "Howard Dean" of the next presidential election: great buzz and cash but ultimately unelectable.

So, who'll be the next "John Kerry"?

An Awesome Statistic

Australia thrashed the West Indies in their backyard.

Andrew Miller reports:

"They look like a team that have come here for one purpose," Lara said, breathing a quiet sigh of relief that his players would not have to face them again in their bid for a semi-final slot. Australia have now won 22 of their last 23 matches in World Cup competitions dating back to 1999 - a run that has been interrupted only by that famous tie at Edgbaston.

Think about that. The Aussies have not lost their past 23 matches in a World Cup tournament. What makes that fact even more impressive is that all those games were played outside Australia! That is truly unrivaled domination.

The Champions are a lock for the semi-finals. If they go on to win those two important games, then they'll become the first team to win three World Cups in a row.

Step Away From Denial


But it's in there. You don't start by pretending it's not or attacking those who notice.

What's in where?

Read this CBS News story to find out.

The world was shocked when the four suicide bombers blew themselves up that morning, especially when it turned out that they were British citizens. The four had been recruited to what is called the "Network," a web of radical Islamic organizations loosely affiliated to al Qaeda which has turned Britain into the western world’s richest breeding grounds for terrorists. How did this happen?

60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon met someone who knows. And for the first time he spoke about what it was like to be inside that network for ten years. His name is Hassan Butt. He’s only 26 years old, but some of the people he recruited were a lot younger than that.

In The Eyes of The Law

Gates of Vienna:

A volunteer who calls himself Scandinavian Dissident has translated this article from the online version of Die Welt. It’s about the notorious incident in which a German judge who decided to apply Sharia to a case involving domestic violence and a Muslim woman.

An excerpt:

Four years earlier the Federal High Court had to override the ruling of a court. A Turk living in Germany had his wife, who was looking for a divorce, stabbed to death. The regional court in Frankfurt sentenced him to thirteen and a half years.

Normally he would have gotten life in prison. In addition the perpetrator had acted out of base motives. The judge, however, didn’t want to exclude the idea that the perpetrator, due to his “Anatolian values,” had not been aware of the baseness of his motives.

The judge basically said: within the Turkish community depravity is normalized to such an extent that they don't find murdering an uppity woman to be a bad thing!

Muslims shed oceans of tears when there is even a hint of perceived discrimination against them. I'm surprised they didn't find this decision, which in essence called them savages, to be insulting.

Religious Policemen in India

The Indian Express via Dhimmi Watch:

They murdered her when she was returning from a local beedi company after collecting leaves and tobacco. They accosted her on the road, warned her against a affair she was allegedly having with a married man and the local manager of a beedi company.

She just told them to mind their own business.

They first threw stones at her. Then, some of them came closer and stabbed her. Mumtaz died on the spot.


Her sister Nabeena said: “People in the town are saying she deserved it. We don’t know what to think.”

The "town chief" presents his take on the whole matter:

The Melapalayam town chief, Khaludeen, felt the youths should have brought the case before the local Jamaat. “Only a year back we threw a woman out of the town with her seven-month-old baby boy whom she begot through an illicit relationship,” he said.

According to him, the married man accused of getting her pregnant, had “sworn” on Allah that he was not responsible. “Once a man swears on Allah, we believe him,” said Khaludeen. But the woman had to leave the town.

But, of course.

Two days after Mumtaz’s murder, the police arrested S Rasool Moideen (22), Shahul Hameed (21), his brother K Noushad Ali (19), K Imran (19), Mohamed Hussain alias Allappa (23) and Mohamed Moideen, all from Melapalayam. Two of them are college students. The police are searching for Shahul Hameed (27), who is said to be the mastermind.


ICC No Like YouTube


The ICC [International Cricket Council] has ordered YouTube, the online video-sharing website, to remove World Cup clips claiming copyright infringement. The ICC and the rights holder to the event, the Global Cricket Corporation, took the action after hundreds of World Cup clips appeared on the site.

Andrew Miller:

It is an astoundingly short-sighted decision by a ruling body that has once again shown it is completely lacking in a sense of priorities. God knows that cricket could do with some good publicity at present. Only 24 hours ago, the ICC's Lawyer-in-Chief, Malcolm Speed, was telling Cricinfo how wonderful the match between Australia and South Africa at St Kitts was turning out to be. "Let's all just watch the cricket," he suggested when queried about the latest murmurings about Bob Woolmer's death. Mal, we'd love to. But 75% of your global audience have no means of tuning in.

Reader feedback is also quite negative.

Allah Knows Best

A cute fatwa:

Question: What is the best way for women to give da’wah [invite others to Islam]?

I say to the women: “Remain in your homes.” …And you should not concern yourselves with da’wah …The general rule concerning the woman is that she is to stay in her home. And it has not been legislated for her to leave it unless she has a dire need … As for the woman preoccupying herself with the da’wah (!), then let her sit in her home and read from the books that her husband or brother or other male relatives provide for her.

Assuming, of course, that she can read.

Compare and Contrast

Kashmiri Nomad:

Danielle Jones is English and up and till very recently a Catholic. After the death of close relative Danielle exchanged her min-skirt for a face veil and now wants to be called Safiyah.

That sucks.

The British newspaper The Sun carried her story but what I found really interesting about the piece was the reaction of some of the readers to the news about Danielle's conversion. Not for them are kind words regarding freedom of religion and supporting the rights of this individual to worship God as she likes rather the tone of the contributors is one of condescending ridicule.

"Freedom of religion" and "ridiculing the choice" are two different things. It's asinine to think that one can only be pro-choice with regards to religion if one supports every belief system.

By the way, the language in question is quite mild. I wonder what the "tone" would be like towards those who convert to Christianity or Judaism in Muslim-majority nations...

How The World Doesn't Work

Chavez shows us in real time:

President Hugo Chavez announced Sunday that his government's sweeping reforms toward socialism will include the creation of "collective property."

Vowing to undermine capitalism's continued influence in Venezuela during his television and radio program "Hello President," Chavez said state-financed cooperatives would operate under a new concept in which workers would share profits.

Assuming there are any.

Chavez — a leftist former paratrooper popularly known as "El Comandante" — said his government fully respects private property, but pledged to replace capitalist ideals with socialist principles on cooperatives such as cattle ranches and farms.

"It cannot be production to generate profits for one person or a small group of people that become rich exploiting peons who end up becoming slaves, living in poverty and misery their entire lives," he said.

From now on, everyone* in Venezuela will live in poverty and misery. Hurray for the equal distribution of suffering!

* Chavez and his cronies excluded, of course.

Link via Daimnation.

Uncovered Meat in Nigeria

The Seattle Times:

When Nigeria's education minister faced an audience of 1,000 schoolchildren, she expected to hear complaints of crowded classrooms and lack of equipment. Instead, girl after girl spoke up about being pressured for sex by teachers in exchange for better grades. One girl was just 11 years old.

Two years too old.

Obilade estimates she has helped hundreds of female students — and the odd male — who have been attacked by students or harassed by lecturers. Students have been raped in libraries, reading rooms and their own dorms, she says. "Some lecturers see young girls as fringe benefits," she says. "We've had cases where the girls have complained and the heads of their department have called them and said, 'Give him what he wants.' "

Link via Protein Wisdom.

Making Whores of Muslim Women

Tsk tsk:

Muslim women will have to remove face-covering veils if they want to vote in Monday's Quebec election, a government official said Friday in a decision that further stoked concerns over how Muslims are treated in the predominantly Roman Catholic, French-speaking province.

Bloody Islamophobes! They know perfectly well that the Muslim with the face-covering will get a perfect match with her ID card ...

Muslim Woman ID

... and yet, they still ask her to remove the veil! Curses be upon them!

Link via Muslim Matters where you'll also find this charming post on slavery.

Original photo from Jihad Watch.

Praise Be To "The Image"

Bahraini TV:

The public relations industry in the Gulf has a crucial role to play in preventing the spread of Islamophobia in the world, a top government official said yesterday.

Information Minister Dr Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar says the profession has an increased importance in the new world order and must use its position to help correct misconceptions about Muslims and their faith in the Western world.

Mahmood offers a reply.

ODI no. 2552

The champions show what they're made of. The Aussies defeat the South Africans by 83 massive runs.

One of most impressive feats in the game was the century scored by Hayden. He hit a magnificent 68-ball 101. Had the rest of the Australians matched his strike rate, the team would have notched up 444 runs!

Still, it's a rare feat for every single player to have a strike rate of a 100 or more in an ODI innings. This was the area in which the South Africans failed. They needed big runs in every over; Kallis couldn't manage and thus they lost.

It's possible that these two teams will meet again very soon. Perhaps, in the semi-final or ... the final.

Click here to read the bulletin by Anand Vasu.

A Billion People Disappointed

ODI no. 2550: Sri Lanka defeat India.

If Bangladesh beat Bermuda, then India will be knocked out of the World Cup. Since 1979, at least one of the two Asian superpowers has progressed to the next stage of the big tournament. So, it'll be quite incredible to see both Pakistan and India get eliminated in the first round.

Too bad.

The match, however, that I have been waiting for will take place tomorrow. The defending champions (ranked second in the world today) will take on the top ranked team: Australia vs. South Africa.

Woolmer Was Murdered


Police are searching for the killer - or killers - of Bob Woolmer after revealing he was strangled in his hotel room on Sunday. During a press conference in Jamaica police confirmed Woolmer was murdered - he showed few signs of struggling with his attackers - and there were no suspects.

"The pathologist's report states that Mr Woolmer's death was due to asphyxiation as a result of manual strangulation," Karl Angell, the police spokesman, said. "In these circumstances, the matter of Mr Woolmer's death is now being treated by the Jamaica police as a case of murder."

MSNBC has this as one of its top stories right now.

Woolmer’s death had prompted much speculation among followers of cricket, a sport that breaks for tea and makes baseball seem fast-paced, but generates tremendous passion in Britain and its former colonies.

An outspoken Pakistani player speculated that gambling interests had it in for Woolmer. The coach’s widow said he was depressed about losing the game, but would never have committed suicide. She said an irate fan might have killed her husband.

That seems to be a likely scenario: an angry Pakistani fan killed Woolmer after Pakistan was knocked out of the World Cup.

For many in the subcontinent, cricket is equivalent to a religion.

A Western Judge Cites The Koran

Spiegel Online:

He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for alarm. It's a religion thing, she argued.

Insanity in full force:

The judge rejected the application for a speedy divorce by referring to a passage in the Koran that some have controversially interpreted to mean that a husband can beat his wife. It's a supposed right which is the subject of intense debate among Muslim scholars and clerics alike."The exercise of the right to castigate does not fulfill the hardship criteria as defined by Paragraph 1565 (of German federal law)," the daily Frankfurter Rundschau quoted the judge's letter as saying. It must be taken into account, the judge argued, that both man and wife have Moroccan backgrounds.

The decision boils down to this:

  • If a non-Muslim man beats, and threatens to murder, his wife, then the wife has a "right" to ask for an immediate divorce.
  • If a Muslim man exercises his "right" to beat his wife and threaten her with murder, then the wife is essentially screwed.

According to the judge, "justice" is now dependent on one's religious background. In this case, what a non-entity said to a pathological Arab fourteen hundred years ago determines whether a Muslim woman should get a quick divorce or Germany.

By the way, don't forget: Islam respects women!

Link via Toasted Bread via Maverick News Media.

No Concept of Rights

Pascal Fletcher:

Herding camels or goats out in the sun-blasted dunes of the Sahara, or serving hot mint tea to guests in the richly carpeted villas of Nouakchott, Mauritanian slaves serve their masters and are passed on as family chattels from generation to generation.

They may number thousands, anti-slavery activists say. A shocking anomaly in the 21st century, this is widely accepted in a racially diverse, hierarchical society dominated by a Moorish elite and a brand of Islam that preaches submission.

Read what Patrick has to say about this "brand of Islam".

Back to the article:

[...] a 1981 decree outlawing slavery is a dead letter and slavery is alive in Mauritania, with all its manifestations of non-paid work, punishment, forced sex and other abuses.

Earlier this decade, Arabs were still buying children from Pakistan and bringing them to the Middle East for camel racing. Those kids were purposefully underfed; less burden for the camels. For the sake of "image", the practice was banned.

"Yes, it's true," said Abdarahman Ould Mohamed Abd, 52, a street vendor sitting outside his ramshackle hut. "In the interior of the country, it's the worst. You see it in the way some people treat others. Sometimes, they (the masters) have even killed children," he added.

His own surname means "son of Mohamed Slave" as "Abd" is the Arabic word for slave.

Appeasement By Another Name

The Spirit of Man:

Whenever I talk to friends and family in Iran, they point at things they hear on the international news channels such as CNN, BBC, Euronews or VOA News and verify the accuracy of them with me again. They don't completely trust them, especially the Persian services of these foreign broadcasting companies like BBC and Voice of America. Most of all they always ask me what does this Behavior Change Americans always talk about mean?

Read the last two paragraphs.

End of an Era

There is truth in this:

As an Indian fan, I had always been jealous of the immense all-round talent that the Pakistani team possessed from the mid 80s to the early 2000s. But the thing I had envied the most was their ability to win from the tightest situations possible: it was common knowledge that greater the challenge, more dangerous the Pakistanis became. A Manzoor Elahi would come from nowhere and take a match away, a then-insignificant player like Salim Malik would announce his arrival with an innings of blinding power in a cause all but totally lost, a débutante like Inzamam ul Haq could turn defeat into victory in the biggest stage possible.

Not any more though.

It seems that the South Africans have the fire now.

Let's see if it takes them to the ultimate glory this year.