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"Safe" Sex

Sara Sami writes this column with an odd title:

A LEADING child psychologist has backed claims by a Bahraini MP that girls' schools have become a hotbed of lesbian activity.Batelco Centre for Family Violence Victims president Dr Banna Bu Zaboon added that all non-mixed schools in the Gulf are encountering a surge in homosexuality.

This is curious. The "surge" implies that there was less homosexual activity in the past. How do the researchers know that? Do they have years of data to make comparisons with?

"The fact that society does not allow girls to date boys before marriage has led many girls to be intimate with other girls because they feel that is safer than dating boys," said Dr Bu Zaboon.

No surprise there. A situation where a girl is found in company of another girl doesn't lead to an honor killing. Or at least I haven't heard of one.

Hence, the title of this post.

Link via Bereft.


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