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Embracing Idiocy


Last year Aly’s cousin accepted Islam. He is the latest person to become Muslim in Aly’s growing Muslim family. To celebrate the occasion all the Muslim cousins and their spouses took him to a halal restaurant in East London. As we were gathered around the table filled with platters of kebabs and tandoori chicken, the new Muslim asked while still chomping on a drumstick, “So, Muhammed, when exactly did he die?” Pin drop silence. A ‘well meaning’ cousin spoke after a full 30 seconds of numbing hush, “He is RassoolAllah salAllah wa alehi wasaalam and his blessed soul departed from this world in 632 A.D. ALWAYS make sure you respect Allah sws, Islam and its blessed RassoolAllah salAllah wa alehi wasaalam. You were disrespectful.” The newbie gave a desperate look that said, “Dear God, what have I done!”

Welcome to Islam, you dim bulb!

Lost in Translation?

Umar Lee:

The attitude of your typical white Muslim towards their whiteness is not all together unfounded. I am of the opinion of Tim Wise that whiteness is not defined but what you are but by what you are not. One of those things you cannot be and be a “white American” is a Muslim. When you accept Islam you are apostating from your whiteness and this is not the idea I had when I became Muslim but something that came to me over the years.

That simply doesn't make any sense to me.

How can one apostate from one's skin color?

It's likely that he's talking about his behavior and mode of life before Islam. But then why call that "whiteness"? What does skin color have to do with adopting / changing a religion?

He's going to write a 10-part series on this topic. #8 is:

Post 9-11 “Becoming Niggers for the First Time”

The wheel is furiously spinning but the hamster's dead.

Challanges: A Threat to Status

Gus Van Horn: Flattery vs. Self-Esteem.

[...] if praise is divorced from a child's effort of focusing on reality by teaching him from early on that social approval is more important than hard work, then that child's ability to evaluate how effective his mind really is -- or whether what he thinks corresponds to reality -- will become severely impaired through disuse.

This reminds me of a German student at my American high school. He would always get effusive praise from teachers for his high grades. One day, I found out about the curriculum that he was taking in his senior year. They were all easy courses. For example, he was at least two years away from taking or understanding calculus.

He had tremendous amounts of free time on his hands. Though, he never made an effort to take tougher courses. The name on the honor roll and the empty approval of the instructors was enough for him.

It was quite confusing and shocking for me to learn that. He was an international student like myself. His parents were easily paying over fifteen thousand dollars that he could specialize in fluff.

Our People

A new blogger rises: The Apostate.

Read one of her recent posts:

Now that I am no longer a Muslim and don'™t live in a Muslim country, my connection with Islam does not suddenly disappear, nor do my grievances against what it has done to my life evaporate. I have built a new and better life in the U.S., but I'™ve paid a heavy price: I'™ve lost my family, I'™ve given up all right to public security or the government'™s support in my native country, I'™m committed to lying about my religious status in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (where my family lives, whom I have not seen in 4 1/2 years) or foreswear visiting these countries that I called home for most of my life, I'™m condemned to never have full acceptance in my own culture, by my own people.

The choice was simple--hard but simple.

A. Deny Islam after you've seen and understood the West and in doing so lose your entire family.

B. Continue with the halaal charade and keep yourself intellectually caged.

I'll never be able to visit those arcades in Karachi where I spent my saved money on few choice games in the early 90s. I'll never again get the chance to see the garden in Lahore where I went for early morning strolls with my uncle in the late 80s.

I miss playing cricket and badminton with my cousins. I haven't met most of them for over ten years. Some got married and most of the rest will also settle down soon. I won't be attending their weddings.

All these things will remain only a memory.

I have also gained much.

I live in one of the greatest nations on Earth. I can exercise free speech. (I specialize in blasphemy.) My life is luxurious compared to 99% of humanity. My culture is defined not by race but by thought.

To top it off, you actually live in a better country. Such is the latent beauty of America: ordinary people bound together because they believe in extraordinary ideas.

You have embraced a new culture and you live among your people. Always remember, you are not alone.

Muslihoon: My People.
Isaac Schrödinger: A Question of Allegiance.

Very Bad Raccoon

Uh oh:

I got tagged by The Usual Suspect... so here're some random things you (probably) didn't know about me.

Number 6 is:

I have a very long "index" toe, and really enjoy having it pulled. If it's pulled hard enough for the knuckles to crack, I am almost having an orgasm.

Great! Now, all the imams are gonna churn out a ruling that states, "Toe pulling is, like, totally haram!"

Thanks a lot for ruining this for my "brothers", you kinky Raccoon.

The Great Western Conspiracy

Reuters via Clarity and Resolve:

Two women slip into the polio vaccination centre at the Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar, a baby hidden in a shawl. The women are scared and seem desperate to leave as soon as possible.

"My husband doesn't know we are here. He does not want his children immunised against polio, because he says this is a western conspiracy to force birth control in a hidden form on people. But I want my son to be safe," says Ajmeena Khan, 25.

Polio vaccination = Sterilization. This insanity permeates other areas as well. My experience:

One day, I overheard a conversation between my aunt and family. She had come back from a mosque. She told us about a foreign lady who had come to teach birth control to women near the mosque. She said that the Westerners were afraid of Muslims. This talk of birth control was a scheme by the Westerners to keep the number of Muslims low in the world. I knew that this statement wasn’t right but kept my mouth shut. By the way, this aunt had seven children. I am sure that Western lady must have been petrified with fear because of her.

When the West does something wrong, Muslims say, "Hey, what do you expect from the dirty kufaar?"

When the West does something right, Muslims say, "Don't be fooled! It's really a CONSPIRACY!"

You see, the infidels are incapable of doing good.

No Hearts For You!

Tu Hi Tu Bajrangi Re.*

I really do not understand why you people do not get it. I really do not. If displaying wealth in front of those who do not have it is obscene, so is flaunting your girl-friend in front of so many of us consigned to eternal bachelorhood. While these lovers stroke each other’s hands in full public view, how do you think we, whose hands have nothing else to stroke except ourselves, feel? If we cannot enjoy, why should we let anyone else?

PWNED! Hey, wait! I thought Valentine's Day was about Western cultural imperialism? Think of all those victims of love!

* Original, Satrangi Re, song can be viewed here.

Full2 Faltu:

It was like unnecessary mocking by the have-beens of the never-hads which in simpler words mean that a rich man making fun of the poor or like a person in a car making fun of the people walking on the street, or a person eating sweets in front of a person having diabetes or a lot of discriminatory reason I can think of. Lets say I can project myself as a real bechara here but the fact does not changes. I have nothing to do on Valentine Day.


Strangling the Flower

Yahoo News:

Sixteen-year-old Zahra Ezzo died at the hospital last month after a brutal attack. But it was her brother who confessed to killing her - and her family who appointed him to carry out the murder.

The Islamic punishment for such an atrocity is severe.

Syria's law is lenient on a man who kills or injures his female relative if he catches her in "illegitimate sexual acts with another," or in a "suspicious state with another." If Zahra's brother is tried under this law, he might get out of jail in three months.

Or maybe not.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.

All in the Family


“Madiha” was a pretty young girl I knew back in college.

One day she seemed very depressed. Because I was relatively quiet in those days, and because I was religious, people often told me things. I think they thought that because I was so withdrawn and different (i.e. religious/weird), I was dissociated from normal social life and normal people. Some people thought I was safe and wouldn’t judge them in the usual ways.

That day in a fit of dolour Madiha “confessed” something to me. She told me how, just before she hit puberty, her brother used to sleep with her. She let him do whatever he did. Sometimes, she challenged him and angrily asked him why he didn’t do it with the older sister or the younger one. “She’s too old and the other one’s too young,” he said. “You’re just the right age.” Madiha went over this stuff, getting more and more upset with it in retrospect.

Read on. Fate was still not kind to her when she got married.

Permanent Conflict: The True Path

Black Lion quotes the Quran:

And never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their way. 2:120.

And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion. 2:217.

Then he offers this brilliant analysis:

What these verses mean is that if the kaffir society is pleased with us, then we’re neglecting something or doing something wrong. So, if our efforts to blend in are successful, we have left our way and our religion.

Thus, the title of this post.

A Divine Victory

Tambi Dude asks in an email:

What is this obsession with Badr? Why do muslims always give top projects the same name all the time?

A little background: Muhammad and his few pathetic followers had to leave Makkah for Yathrib (modern Medina). Why? Well, regular folks in Makkah thought that Muhammad was a buffoon peddling a mindless ideology. They told him to shut up!

So, like a little girl, he left. And then from Medina, Muhammad and his followers started to rob caravans.

Yup, the holy prophet was a grade-A thief.

Prominent people in Makkah finally had enough. They sent an army of 1400 to teach the Muslims a lesson. The outnumbered Muslims met the infidels at a place called Badr. The Muslims won the battle. The folks from Makkah didn't have the appetite for a fight.

But why does Badr have such a lofty status for Muslims? Well, you see, it wasn't merely a victory -- it was a divine victory!

Quran, 08:09.

Remember ye implored the assistance of your Lord, and He answered you: "I will assist you with a thousand of the angels, ranks on ranks."

You read that right. Angels from Allah helped the Muslims win that battle. For the Muslims, the triumph was proof regarding not only that Allah existed but that he also helped them defeat the dirty kufaar.

This mini-conquest also brought forth this lovely bit in the Quran, 08:12.

Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."

It is likely that had the Muslims been obliterated at Badr, Islam wouldn't have infected a large portion of mankind for centuries to come!

This event is relevant today for Muslims who think that:

  1. They're in an inferior position in the world today. For this, the infidels are responsible.
  2. If they fight the infidel ruthlessly, then they'll surely win. Hey, just look at the Battle of Badr!

Allah was obviously on vacation when the infidels were thrashing the Ottomans, the Taliban, the Baathists...

Giuliani Express

Port McClellan:

A few things surprised me over the weekend. The first was the electric enthusiasm for Rudy Giuliani. The Giuliani luncheon was packed.  When he stopped in the Republican Lawyers meeting, the whole room was charmed. Many were taking point-blank pictures with their camera phones.

That's from the California GOP Convention.

There's no question that Giuliani has the momentum -- both in the public and in the Blogosphere. (Hey, I am a fan!) I also think that he'll have raised the most money by early 2008.

McCain has lost practically all conservative good will over the past few years. He'll be thrashed if he goes one-on-one against Giuliani.

End of 2008? I am still hoping for a New York brawl.

Muslims and Cartoons: A Volatile Mix

Cambridge News via Pedestrian Infidel:

Asim Mumtaz, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said: "I'm horrified and shocked. In such a seat of learning, I am horrified that things could stoop to this level.

"I'm actually shocked that intelligent people know how offensive this cartoon is and that they have decided to reprint it in such a horrible manner. It's disgusting."

I reserve my disgust for, you know, things that are disgusting.

The cartoon was reprinted in Clare College's student magazine in a special edition on religious satire. The 19-year-old student who printed the cartoon has since gone into hiding and the college has called a rare Court of Discipline to decide how the student should be brought to account.

Mr Mumtaz, a former Cambridge University student himself, is now demanding that everyone involved with the publication of the cartoon should make a public apology.

How about this: Mr. Mumtaz why don't you apologize to yourself for following a religion that condemns you to death!?

You see, Mumtaz is an Ahmadi. Most Muslims don't consider Ahmadiyya to be an Islamic sect. In fact there are Muslims who consider Ahmadis to be heretics or apostates -- at least one (in)famous Pakistani Muslim has called for the death of Ahmadis.

He said: "I hope the magazine and the JCR apologise for what they have done. We thought we had gone past this and that people realised there is a difference between freedom of speech and outright insult.

No, there isn't. Freedom of speech allows for insult, you ignorant slut!


The gutsiest politician in the world:

Wilders said: "If Mohammed lived here today, I would propose he be tarred and feathered as an extremist and driven out of the country." He also stated: "Everything we are proud of, we are selling to the devil. Former head of the Mossad Efraim Halevy says that World War III has begun. I would not use those words, but it's true."

We'll be a lot closer to ending this war when leaders of free nations start using similar rhetoric to describe the bringer of misery Islam.

Niggardly With Words

What Obama said:

We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized, and should have never been waged, and to which we now have spent $400 billion, and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted.

What he truly really honestly meant to say:

We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized, and should have never been waged, and to which we now have spent $400 billion, and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans that have not been honored by the same attention to strategy, diplomacy and honesty on the part of civilian leadership that would give them a clear mission.

Note: I am not joking.

Link via Small Dead Animals.

Brown U. Buffoons

Kesher Talk has information about the talk that Nonie Darwish gave at Brown University. Some of the juvenile questions follow:

1. "What credentials do you have to speak at Brown?" [My friend adds: Would anyone have asked this question of Nelson Mandela or Rosa Parks??? The sheer arrogance of the Brown student population!]

2. "Why don't you speak about the oppression of women in America?" "There is a lot of rape in the U.S." Nonie answered: I am speaking about my culture, my people. I am not saying that women aren't oppressed elsewhere...but let's remember that here in the states, rape is ILLEGAL, and there is due process of law." The stoning to death of women in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other states is LEGAL. This is what I am here to talk about.

3. "You are a hate-monger."

4. Muslim cleric on campus who said Nonie's speech might cause physical harm to Muslim students on campus asked, "What is your meaning of Jihad?" Nonie said, "Jihad is the religious obligation to spread Islam, through violence if necessary. This is the definition at the XYZ university... and the meaning of JIHAD I have known and have been taught all my life." The cleric responded, "[On] what page of what book did you read this?" Nonie responded, "I don't have the book or the page, just look at the reality, the violence today and the spread of Jihad today...the actions we see in the world is NOT an internal struggle as people claim "JIHAD" to mean...the action we see is violence and hate."

Edited: I cleaned up some of the grammar in the excerpt.

Those Crazy Right Wingers!

Umar Lee:

The notion that Muslims are not refuting terrorism is something that is an invention of a right-wing anti-Muslim lobby and they use it as a tactic to delegitimize Muslims.

But, of course. See these two spectacular, and recent, examples of prominent Muslims refuting terrorism:

  1. CAIR clearly recognizes terrorism.
  2. The infamous imam Al-Husainy strongly refutes terrorism; especially from 4:50 onwards.

Damn those right wingers!

What A Joke

A review of Windows Vista:

The more I delve in to this operating system, the more I am convinced it's a joke, not fit for any purpose other than being derided and pilloried. This next flaw is so glaringly stupid that it's almost impossible to believe it was never picked up.

It is spectacularly unbelievable. SP1 can't come any sooner.

Sharif Priorities

The Age via Tim Blair:

A child sex-offender has won a discrimination case against the Queensland government because he was denied food prepared in accordance with Muslim religious laws and fed vegetables, nuts and tinned meat.

My heart bleeds.

The name of this child sex-offender? Sharif Mahommed. The Urdu word sharif means one who is civil or decent.

Also see this link via Dan Lewis from the comments.

Consequences of a Terrible Policy

Right Wing News:

In Arizona, they have a minimum wage law that just went into effect last month and predictably, people are losing their jobs as a result of it.

An important bit from the article:

Messner's monthly cost to train an employee has jumped from $440 to $580 as the turnover rate remains high.

"We go to great lengths to hang on to our high school workers, but there are a lot of kids who come in and get one check in their pocket and feel like they're living large and out the door they go," he said. "We never get our return on investment when that happens."

I talked about the effects of the minimum wage here:

  1. Fire employees.
  2. Reduce profits.
  3. Increase the price of product(s).
  4. A combination of the above three.

And that's exactly what's occurring.

Hot or Not?

The mad man:

At the Blogger Meet on Saturday, Bombay Addict remarked to me that the mysterious but kind folks at have now started the “India’s Hottest College Chick Contest” that they had been promising and that profiles of the chicks are up.

He goes on tell us about his personal preferences which unleashes quite a few ugly comments and a backlash from DesiPundit.

He replies in great detail here.

A Sorry Decision

Google pisses its pants:

Christians who want similar consideration from Google will presumably have to start blowing things up and beheading people.

How mind-numbingly often do we hear Muslims say, "The West is Islamophobic! And racist! We are the new Jews! (Even though, the Holocaust didn't happen.)"?

And yet here is a major Western company shutting down a person who was putting up anti-Islamic material. The West treats Islam as though it were radioactive. Muslims have lived in a bubble for so long that they really don't have a clue what real criticism is like.

Filthy Minds

Pim's Ghost left a comment in an earlier post:

Last week a gay couple I know well were verbally attacked to the point that they felt terrified by their cabbie in New York City. One man just gave the other a simple kiss on the cheek, but it made the North African muslim driver realize that they were a gay couple, and this immigrant driver began screaming at then, calling them all sorts of derogatory terms, the whole "filth in my cab" line, almost getting violent.

They got him to stop the car, got out and immediately called the authorities. The sick thing that's the real kicker to this though is not just that a gay couple got screamed at and terrified by their muslim cabbie, but that one of the men happens to be from Iran and well aware of what would happen to him in his native country. Now he gets it from another muslim immigrant in the country that is supposed to be a refuge from that particular danger, at least.

Click here to see what happens to gays in Iran.

Uneasiness in Canada

Margaret Wente:

Many people -- 60 per cent of us, according to one poll -- also feel that efforts to accommodate religious minorities have gone too far. Should Muslim women be able to demand that men be barred from entering the pool area in the Y while the women are swimming? Should Hassidic men be permitted to demand that only men should administer their driving tests, or to insist that the local Y install frosted windows so that their eyes aren't assaulted by the sight of women in Spandex? Are universities obliged to provide prayer spaces for their students? Is the health-care system obliged to supply female health practitioners to Muslim women whose husbands don't want male health-care workers touching their wives? Most of us would probably say no. But some public institutions are bending over backward to say yes, and some human rights commissions are ordering them to.

Of course, we have to be open minded about such matters -- a little religious discrimination and gender apartheid is acceptable if someone's religion / culture demands it.

Link via Daimnation!

Islam and Feminism

Zohra via IBA:

From a personal perspective, I identify as both a Muslim and a feminist and I don’t see this as in any way contradictory. To this end, I’d like to discuss five potential challenges to a reconciliation between feminism and Islam.

From a professional perspective, I am interested in how policy can support Muslim women’s rights and interests accepting that the term ‘Muslim women’ includes myriad of people not all of whom agree with each other.

Read the 10th comment by Nyrone.

A Little Logic, Please

Umar Lee:

[...] in the film Ayaan worked on with Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh (being murdered does not change the fact he was an idiot) when he told the tale of abused women and incestuous relationships with ayaat of the Quran mixed in as if this was something condoned by Islam and not something that occurs when people leave the teachings of Islam. That is akin to blaming a vegetarian for someone eating meat or a pacifist for someone taking up arms.

Yes, it is condoned by Islam. Sura 4, Verse 34 of the wicked Quran:

[...] As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).

So what if some non-Muslims hit women as well? How does that change the fact that Islam explicitly sanctions the beating of women?

The campaign of disinformation that Ayaan is on is not based on facts or reason but is a gimmick that exploits people’s fear of Islam and Muslims. In the tradition of African-Americans of generations past who would be brought on TV and radio to say there was no problem of race in America while the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. marched Ayaan has filled the role of the Tom in the debate on Islam and now she is bringing her minstrel show to America.


Peace At All Costs

John V. Whitbeck via Abu Sinan:

Those who recognize the critical importance of Israeli-Palestinian peace and truly seek a decent future for both peoples must recognize that the demand that Hamas recognize "Israel's right to exist" is unreasonable, immoral, and impossible to meet.

So, Israel ought to negotiate with an openly genocidal group.

Because that would be moral and reasonable.

Targetting Helicopters in Iraq


Some of the recent shoot downs have the appearance of a well thought out "helicopter ambush" where the helicopter is baited into becoming a target by guys on the ground. Others have the appearance of falling into a pre-established 'kill sack.' They are not the products of chance engagements, but of terrorists who are trained to analyze helicopter operations for patterns to kill them.

Do read the last paragraph.

Immigrate Exactly Legally

Moz Boondoggle via The 3rd World View:

My aunt and uncle were deported tonight.

I don’t have all the details.

They came to the states about 17 years ago. They stayed not exactly legally.

How much sympathy do you have for them?

This couple finally paid the price for breaking the law. It can't be denied that they had built a significant life here in the West. They could have continued to live here under the radar for all their life.

However, they left the country and then tried to came back. And at the border they came in contact with authorities just like everyone else. Laws are much stricter after 9/11. The custom / border officials followed the law. Consider the background of the couple: Muslim, no legal paperwork, coming from an Islamic nation.

What would you have done?

This case also brings up another issue. Why is it that people who're not legal residents, here in the West, allowed to open up bank accounts? Shouldn't banks call the authorities when such people show up at their branch?