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Muslims and Cartoons: A Volatile Mix

Cambridge News via Pedestrian Infidel:

Asim Mumtaz, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said: "I'm horrified and shocked. In such a seat of learning, I am horrified that things could stoop to this level.

"I'm actually shocked that intelligent people know how offensive this cartoon is and that they have decided to reprint it in such a horrible manner. It's disgusting."

I reserve my disgust for, you know, things that are disgusting.

The cartoon was reprinted in Clare College's student magazine in a special edition on religious satire. The 19-year-old student who printed the cartoon has since gone into hiding and the college has called a rare Court of Discipline to decide how the student should be brought to account.

Mr Mumtaz, a former Cambridge University student himself, is now demanding that everyone involved with the publication of the cartoon should make a public apology.

How about this: Mr. Mumtaz why don't you apologize to yourself for following a religion that condemns you to death!?

You see, Mumtaz is an Ahmadi. Most Muslims don't consider Ahmadiyya to be an Islamic sect. In fact there are Muslims who consider Ahmadis to be heretics or apostates -- at least one (in)famous Pakistani Muslim has called for the death of Ahmadis.

He said: "I hope the magazine and the JCR apologise for what they have done. We thought we had gone past this and that people realised there is a difference between freedom of speech and outright insult.

No, there isn't. Freedom of speech allows for insult, you ignorant slut!



"In fact there are Muslims who consider Ahmadis to be heretics or apostates "

Is this similar to the treatment of the Bahaii faith in Iran?

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