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So warm and loving:

hey yeah motherfucker. you dont just talk about god that way okay you jew dushce bag .

I'm a regular, non-Jewish, "dushce bag". Thankyouverymuch.

stfu u dont know shit i care who you think you are.

Awww, that's so sweet.

you dont talk about muslim people that way , espeically not about god that way , you wanna die .

I'll talk about anything in any way I like. If you and Allah don't like that, then you can both take a number, get in line and kiss my non-Jewish ass.

thats gods desicion so STFU . i better not see this agian .

You will.


Josh Scholar

"i better not see this agian"

She's threatening you, dude.

Why is it that God's avengers can never spell?

Saul Wall

This "melanie" is probably a man or at least a pre-op. Beware what lies beneath the tented chador.

Josh Scholar

Oh my God, click on "Melanie"'s name link, it forwards to a "learn how to seduce women" pay site!

WTF did you get hate mail from someone running a spam bot?

Josh Scholar

OT: The contest to name these baby Pandas should be over by now, but I see no sign of what names have been chosen.

In any case I think that this one has some of the cutest pictures.

I have no idea what an appropriate name would be. Something Chinese, I'd think.

The Jut

You have been a very naughty apostate! Next time she will spank you. Remember, the mufti said it was okay. I love the dyslexic parent figure role-play at the end. She definitely loves you. Is this islamic BDSM?

Isaac Schrödinger

Josh Scholar: That panda seems to be saying, "Stop taking photos of me!"

The Jut: Only she can answer that most interesting question.

Josh Scholar

Yes, at one month, he already has to deal with paparazzi. A born star.

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