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End Muslim Immigration Because... II

Kashmiri Nomad:

I believe that Muslim migration must be stopped because the majority of population of the western world do not want Muslims in their countries. This has been true in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and also in more recent times.

I asked:

For the sake of argument, let's say what this fellow states is true. Then, why haven't the majority of Westerners simply clamored for ending Muslim immigration? For example, the West could seize taking in Muslim immigrants and increase the numbers of bright non-Muslim Indians and Chinese. That's a pool of 2.5 billion people; so the whole process should be fairly easy.

What has stopped the West from doing exactly that for many decades?"

Note the keyword: majority.

The nomad replies here. He quotes one(!) British blogger on the veil debate; this said blogger doesn't want the integration of Muslims.

Then, the Nomad pulls this out of a hat:

What was that about all "Westerners" wanting Muslims living with them ? I suggest that Mr. Schrödinger takes another look at the world and this time without the rose tinted glasses.

Why art thou so lame?



That's a standard tactic for those arguing from an untenable position. Since he cannot possibly refute your statements without looking like an idiot, he instead constructs a straw-man, and proceeds to attack it. That in itself is an admission of defeat.

Josh Scholar

It occurs to me that if it becomes widely believed (and it is generally true isn't it?) that Islam teaches that hatred of non-Muslims is a requirement, then it will become true that the majority will be opposed to living near Muslims.

Christians say "hate the sin, not the sinner" But "hatred" of an abstract is not really hatred. Hating a sin is not hating. Hating a person is a different matter altogether. That Christian saying is meant way of preventing hatred of sinners and thus is the exact opposite of the muslim injuction!

Hatred (of a person) can be distinguished from anger towards them. Anger can refer to the emotion associated with protecting one's self, one's loved ones or one's principles. But to hatred goes beyond anger. To hate means to wish fervently for violence, or very least to wish to cause some sort of harm to another person.

If hatred is an emotion, then it is the emotion of violent battle; it is to wish harm on one's enemy. It is the emotion of sadism. It is the emotion of destruction and murder.

Since the wish to cause harm is really hatred's only distinguishing characteristic, I maintain that it is simply a functional impossibility for someone to promote hatred without promoting violence.

When a Muslim preacher says that God requires hatred, he is saying that the fervent wish for violence is required. He is implying that it is violence that will please God.

Muslims should understand that no one wants to live near people who hate them, even less those who can not abandon hatred because it is required. And no one will live near those who would teach a child to hate. That's worse than child abuse, that is insuring that future generations will suffer, including everyone else's children.

If hatred is indeed a requirement of Islam, then Muslims don't belong anywhere, and certainly not here.

Josh Scholar

excuse my spelling by the way.

Josh Scholar

I wish I could go back and edit that highly redundant second paragraph.

Isaac Schrödinger

Alex: Quite right.

Josh Scholar: The massive Muslim population that was born in the 80s has been nourished on hatred--the outlet for which will be the kufaar. The West will come to grips with this awful truth and start curbing the immigration of these 7th century clowns.

And that's the major point: the West hasn't even started doing that. I don't know how anyone can look at the West and say that it didn't want Muslims between 1940-2007.

If anything, Muslims have had explosive growth in the West in the past few decades.

Of course, there are a minority of Westerners who're anti-immigration (for various reasons) but that doesn't change the overall reality.

Josh Scholar

Well as I said, all you have to do is prove, (that is survey and fully document), that Islam demands hatred of nonMuslims, and everyone's attitude will change and debate will start.

If you want to see a change in the west, then start a project to document Islamic belief on this important point, prove the extent, population wise, sect wise and geography wise of this belief, and show that the Muslim clergy will not compromise on it.

I think it's important to tie it in to the doctrines relating to triumphalist jihad, because it isn't hatred for no reason, it's hatred with a goal in view.

Racist hater

you stupid bastards dont know what your talkin about. Youre just a bunch of loosers with nothing better to do than discriminate muslims. If you think youre so brave why not leave your address.

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