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Deceit and Deception

Henry Porter talks about Undercover Mosque:

I suspect the lack of outrage has a lot to do with the degree of separate development that has taken place in Britain while so many of us were living the multiculturalist dream. Whatever Muslims say, the standards that most British institutions live by simply do not apply to the missionaries of Saudi fundamentalism who, as demonstrated beyond doubt by this documentary, are attempting to poison relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews in Britain and to establish what amounts to a separate community under Sharia law.

An odd twist of language bubbles up:

I first encountered this other truth on the afternoon of 7 July 2005 while in Edgware Road near where one of the suicide bombers had blown up the tube. Several young Muslim men I talked to could only accept that this was a fiendish plot hatched by MI5 to blacken Islam's names. Much the same is said of the Madrid bombings or the attacks on the United States in 2001.

Why call such paranoid thinking the "other truth"? Many Muslims certainly believe that the West is out to demonize them but then they also believe that Muhammad flew to heaven by riding a winged pony. Will you also refer to that as the "other truth"?

My point is that large numbers of Muslims will believe in anything that is written in the Quran, found in a hadith or uttered by a demented imam. Simply call it false and then show why that is.


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