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A Hideous Intersection of Culture and Religion

Stanley Kurtz: Marriage and the Terror War.

Once you give up the idea that every human society depends in some fundamental way on the practice of marrying out, it’s fairly easy to see the other side of the coin. If in-marriage stifles cultural development and change by walling society off from outside influences, then strong endogamy also has the corresponding benefits of heightening social cohesion and preserving cultural continuity. That is precisely the argument of Kansas State University anthropologist Martin Ottenheimer, who notes that parallel-cousin marriage among Pakistanis in Great Britain tends to reinforce cultural continuity in Muslim immigrant communities.

Indeed it does. This means that Pakistani Muslims in Britain are refusing to assimilate into the "filthy" culture of the West. It's shocking to note that these Pakistanis are marrying within the family at higher rates than their countrymen back home!

This is definitely a crucial aspect of our war.

Extended families are told to stick together and care for each other. This logic quickly morphs into caring solely for their family members since these Muslims don't have any incentive to mingle with anyone outside their clan or families. Most Muslims in such situations think of their surroundings as a group vs. group conflict and thus support only their side. This crushes individuality since in these societies any publicly bad (read: unIslamic) behavior of a person is taken as bringing shame and ridicule upon that person's family. It's then incumbent upon the respective family members to discipline the said person. The punishments are often brutal.

The women in such families have no freedom for going in public alone. The logic: why would they want to unless they were a prostitute or dating someone from another family? Since the marriage of women is set, almost without exception, by the elders, the women have thus no reason to meet a non-sibling male. Boys, of course, can party all night, go to the cinema, play sports and do pretty much whatever their hearts desire. But girls are kept indoors and get a second-class education if they're lucky. Families have often killed women who break these rules. The police can be bribed to look away from such honor killings. The punishment for an honor killing in Jordan can be as little as six months in jail.

When the "lucky" Muslim women do marry, their husband's home becomes their new gulag. The duty of these women is to give birth to many kids and raise their daughters as honorable women--just like themselves.

Thanks to Josh Scholar for the first link.


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