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Racing Towards Dhimmitude

One thing you can't do at Cambridge University is showcase this:


If you do, then the cops will come after you:

The controversy over the publication of one of the now infamous Jyllands Posten Mohammed cartoons in a Cambridge University student publication has taken on a new seriousness, after two students were questioned under caution by Cambridgeshire police.

The students, understood to be the editor and guest editor of unofficial Clare College magazine Clareification (renamed Crucification for an issue focused on religious satire) were interrogated under Section 5 of the Public Order Act (“harassment, alarm or distress”).

In that case why not ban the Quran? That book is bursting with "harassment, alarm and distress" to say the least.

Link via LFG!!!

"Safe" Sex

Sara Sami writes this column with an odd title:

A LEADING child psychologist has backed claims by a Bahraini MP that girls' schools have become a hotbed of lesbian activity.Batelco Centre for Family Violence Victims president Dr Banna Bu Zaboon added that all non-mixed schools in the Gulf are encountering a surge in homosexuality.

This is curious. The "surge" implies that there was less homosexual activity in the past. How do the researchers know that? Do they have years of data to make comparisons with?

"The fact that society does not allow girls to date boys before marriage has led many girls to be intimate with other girls because they feel that is safer than dating boys," said Dr Bu Zaboon.

No surprise there. A situation where a girl is found in company of another girl doesn't lead to an honor killing. Or at least I haven't heard of one.

Hence, the title of this post.

Link via Bereft.

Me Me Me!


Today’s college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than their predecessors, according to a comprehensive new study by five psychologists who worry that the trend could be harmful to personal relationships and American society.

Like, duh.

“We need to stop endlessly repeating ‘You’re special’ and having children repeat that back,” said the study’s lead author, Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. “Kids are self-centered enough already.”

All of us are special.

Duct Tape

Um, yeah.

Never liked that airline. Crappy service, always late, and the planes felt like they were going to fall apart any second.

I was in Bahrain when a Gulf Air Airbus went down in the ocean while attempting to land. I was to fly a few days later--fortunately in a non-Gulf Air flight.

Messed Up South Korea

Pedestrian Infidel:

Anti-semitism in Korea, sadly, is alive and well. For proof of that, look no further than this best-selling Korean comic book (10 million copies sold and still selling strong).

But it gets worse than that. Today in my English class, I asked my Korean students to write about this Korean comic book, to tell me if they agreed or not with its preposterous claims. Here are some of their answers, reproduced here word-for-word (any grammatical mistakes below are the student's, and not mine).

Fan Mail!

So warm and loving:

hey yeah motherfucker. you dont just talk about god that way okay you jew dushce bag .

I'm a regular, non-Jewish, "dushce bag". Thankyouverymuch.

stfu u dont know shit i care who you think you are.

Awww, that's so sweet.

you dont talk about muslim people that way , espeically not about god that way , you wanna die .

I'll talk about anything in any way I like. If you and Allah don't like that, then you can both take a number, get in line and kiss my non-Jewish ass.

thats gods desicion so STFU . i better not see this agian .

You will.

A New Journey Begins


This little girl was in the train I took last week [...] Due to some reason , she kept looking at my face and laughing at pretty regular intervals . Abb bacche bhee mera mazzak udaane lage . [Now, even kids make fun of me.]

Hai hai, gareeb loog ki zindagi! The life of a poor person!

Question: What would be the English equivalent of hai hai?

The Meaning of Forgiveness and Generosity


I love reading the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him.) It helps me reconnect with his personality, the turbulent times he lived in, and to draw inspiration not only from his struggles but from the principled manner in which he approached the vicissitudes of life. It’s a mark of deep seated strength to be able to forgive your arch enemies and to treat the same people who mocked and condemned you with respect and generosity.

Here's a hint of that forgiveness:

March 624: Asma bint Marwan

Asma was a poetess who belonged to a tribe of Medinan pagans, and whose husband was named Yazid b. Zayd. She composed a poem blaming the Medinan pagans for obeying a stranger (Muhammad) and for not taking the initiative to attack him by surprise. When the Allah-inspired prophet heard what she had said, he asked, "Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?" A member of her husband’s tribe volunteered and crept into her house that night. She had five children, and the youngest was sleeping at her breast. The assassin gently removed the child, drew his sword, and plunged it into her, killing her in her sleep.

Also, note this dash of generosity:

[Sahih Bukhari] Volume 5, Book 59, Number 448:

Narrated 'Aisha: When the Prophet returned from the (battle) of Al-Khandaq (i.e. Trench) and laid down his arms and took a bath Gabriel came to him while he (i.e. Gabriel) was shaking the dust off his head, and said, "You have laid down the arms?" By Allah, I have not laid them down. Go out to them (to attack them)." The Prophet said, "Where?" Gabriel pointed towards Bani Quraiza. So Allah's Apostle went to them (i.e. Banu Quraiza) (i.e. besieged them). They then surrendered to the Prophet's judgment but he directed them to Sad to give his verdict concerning them. Sad said, "I give my judgment that their warriors should be killed, their women and children should be taken as captives, and their properties distributed."

What better way to showcase peace than by murdering hundreds of Jewish men and taking their women and children as slaves?

End Muslim Immigration Because... II

Kashmiri Nomad:

I believe that Muslim migration must be stopped because the majority of population of the western world do not want Muslims in their countries. This has been true in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and also in more recent times.

I asked:

For the sake of argument, let's say what this fellow states is true. Then, why haven't the majority of Westerners simply clamored for ending Muslim immigration? For example, the West could seize taking in Muslim immigrants and increase the numbers of bright non-Muslim Indians and Chinese. That's a pool of 2.5 billion people; so the whole process should be fairly easy.

What has stopped the West from doing exactly that for many decades?"

Note the keyword: majority.

The nomad replies here. He quotes one(!) British blogger on the veil debate; this said blogger doesn't want the integration of Muslims.

Then, the Nomad pulls this out of a hat:

What was that about all "Westerners" wanting Muslims living with them ? I suggest that Mr. Schrödinger takes another look at the world and this time without the rose tinted glasses.

Why art thou so lame?

A Simple and Dumb Policy

Greg Mankiw:

Robert Reich says that, as a requirement for free trade deals, we should tell developing countries to "set a minimum wage that's half their median wage."

It's amazing how effortlessly people come up with policies that really hurt the poorest of the poor!

Imagine a nation with a median wage of $730 per year. According to Reich, we should tell this country to set a law which makes it illegal for anyone to be hired at less than $365 per year. (I'm assuming that everyone works a 40-hour work week for simplicity.)

What happens to those who were making less than a $1 a day. They're out of a job! Is this, in any way, compassionate!?

Egyptian Blogger Jailed

Indeed, this sucks:

An Egyptian blogger found guilty of insulting both Islam and the country's president has been jailed for four years, Reuters reports.

The intended result:

One anonymous blogger told the news agency: "It's a dangerous precedent because it will impact the only free space available now, which is the internet. The charges were undefined and vague. Tell me. What does insulting the president mean? What is the difference between criticising religion and being in contempt of religion?"

The Religion of Peace MA

Internet Haganah:

[...] the context of this discussion is how you get your kids to willingly fast and pray durning Ramadan. However, it's pretty clear that at least as far as Sasjamal is concerned, hitting the children is the preferred, the efficient, in fact it is the "proficient" method of instructing children.

A day in my Pakistani school:

No sir, please, I promise sir, I won't do it again. P-l-e-a-s-e sir."

His pleas made no difference. Our English teacher had a vise-like grip on the left wrist of that student. A few days before we had a brief English test. That student got 5 out of 10. Like everybody else, he had to get the signature of one of his parents. Which he did, after he had changed that "5" to an "8". Now, the student was fruitlessly attempting to avoid the customary thrashing.

The teacher held the wrist of the student with his left hand and with his right hit the student multiple times; on the head, the face, the neck, a few punches on the ribs. I sat in front of the class, a few feet away from the entire revolting episode.

The student was half-way between standing upright and on his knees. His voice muffled because of sobs, he again futilely begged, "P-p-please s-s-sir, I w-w-won't do it..."

A day in Lahore, Pakistan:

DURING THE SUMMER OF 1995 in Lahore, Pakistan, my mom asked me to come with her to a nearby town as she was going to meet a tailor. My leg was aching but I agreed anyway. A few minutes later our car stopped in front of the tailor's house. My mom went in as I stood outside with our transport. It was a bright sunny day and not a single structure with more than two stories could be seen in that village.

Suddenly, a wailing noise broke the calm. It was coming from the street at my front-right. Soon, a child, who was at most five, emerged from there. He was crying his lungs out. Behind him, I guess, was his father. He was ferociously yelling at the kid. The weeping boy kept on walking as his dad approached him from behind. Then, he hit his kid on the back of the head with such revolting force that the frail boy practically leapt forward and landed on his face.

The crying stopped for a moment. The boy got up and started to weep and walk again. And again that man would menacingly catch up to him and sickeningly smack him with brutal power. It was not the first and likely not the last time that he had hit a kid. In public. No-one in the neighborhood stopped the brutal beating or even uttered a word of disapproval.

What the West faces:

Violence is utilized in countless Muslim-majority schools, not just the madrassas, to keep pupils "in line" and in most homes to restrain a "disobedient" wife or raise "honorable" children.

Non-Muslims have to ask themselves: When most of the umma treats their own offspring with such an abhorrent passion, then what is in store for those whom the Muslims hate?

Unsurprising note: Everyone who has ever hit me -- parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, bullies -- followed the Religion That Must Not Be Named.

First link via LFG!!!

Clown Outreach

Little Green Footballs:

Canada is trying to reach out to Muslims, to encourage them to help fight against terrorism. (Never mind asking why they need to be “encouraged” to help prevent mass murder attacks.)

All you need to know in one sentence:

The first speaker, Ahmed Motiar, started off by sharing his curious theories of the 9/11 attacks, claiming that “Muslims were not involved and seven of the alleged 19 hijackers are alive and well!”

To Canadian authorities: Good luck with these morons!

Nothing More Than a Mirage

Pakistan will be hosting the Women's World Cup qualifiers in November.

"The decision proves that women's cricket is progressing in our country and through this event we would promote a softer and moderate image of Pakistan," said Shamsa Hashmi, secretary of the Pakistan Cricket Board women's wing.

More of this "softer and moderate image":

But she added: "Males can come to watch only as part of families of those that are playing."

Who knows what those horny Pakistani men are capable of with all that succulent uncovered meat on display--good idea to ban 'em!

A Hideous Intersection of Culture and Religion

Stanley Kurtz: Marriage and the Terror War.

Once you give up the idea that every human society depends in some fundamental way on the practice of marrying out, it’s fairly easy to see the other side of the coin. If in-marriage stifles cultural development and change by walling society off from outside influences, then strong endogamy also has the corresponding benefits of heightening social cohesion and preserving cultural continuity. That is precisely the argument of Kansas State University anthropologist Martin Ottenheimer, who notes that parallel-cousin marriage among Pakistanis in Great Britain tends to reinforce cultural continuity in Muslim immigrant communities.

Indeed it does. This means that Pakistani Muslims in Britain are refusing to assimilate into the "filthy" culture of the West. It's shocking to note that these Pakistanis are marrying within the family at higher rates than their countrymen back home!

This is definitely a crucial aspect of our war.

Extended families are told to stick together and care for each other. This logic quickly morphs into caring solely for their family members since these Muslims don't have any incentive to mingle with anyone outside their clan or families. Most Muslims in such situations think of their surroundings as a group vs. group conflict and thus support only their side. This crushes individuality since in these societies any publicly bad (read: unIslamic) behavior of a person is taken as bringing shame and ridicule upon that person's family. It's then incumbent upon the respective family members to discipline the said person. The punishments are often brutal.

The women in such families have no freedom for going in public alone. The logic: why would they want to unless they were a prostitute or dating someone from another family? Since the marriage of women is set, almost without exception, by the elders, the women have thus no reason to meet a non-sibling male. Boys, of course, can party all night, go to the cinema, play sports and do pretty much whatever their hearts desire. But girls are kept indoors and get a second-class education if they're lucky. Families have often killed women who break these rules. The police can be bribed to look away from such honor killings. The punishment for an honor killing in Jordan can be as little as six months in jail.

When the "lucky" Muslim women do marry, their husband's home becomes their new gulag. The duty of these women is to give birth to many kids and raise their daughters as honorable women--just like themselves.

Thanks to Josh Scholar for the first link.

The Good, The Bad, All Ugly

The Muslim Woman:

Brooke Samad, an ex-student from NYU and a talented FIT graduate single-handedly kicked off her new venture and titled it ‘Marabo Inc‘ wherein she has stored some interesting range of apparels very much with regards to the Islamic law.

For example:

Good Muslim Woman

That's quite proper.

However here* we notice a grave error:

Bad Muslim Woman

Do I see an ankle there on the left!?


* Update: These sheets clothes are from a different designer.

The Turing Bombe Reloaded

Chicago Boyz:

During WWII, the British used electomechanical devices called bombes to break the German Enigma code. The bombe in its earliest form was developed by the Poles, but was considerably enhanced by the British. (The name probably came from an ice cream dessert popular among the Polish mathematicians who did the original work)

Following WWII, strict secrecy was maintained concerning the codebreaking activities, and all of the bombes were eventually destroyed. Now, a group of volunteers has reconstructed a working bombe–it may be seen at Bletchley Park, which was Britain’s main codebreaking center during the war.


I wonder what kind of secrets we'll learn in five or six decades...

What is Sharia?

This is a very odd post. In the first paragraph, we get this:

[...] during my college years when questioned on the position of Islamic Law (Shari’a), I would get upset and feel hurt and under-attack, but that was mainly because I didn’t have any kind of defense.

He goes on to talk about theocracy and Saudi Arabia and how the Saudi way has become the model for Muslims. Yet -- this is what bugged me -- he never talked about what Sharia is. He made the point that Sharia is perverted but didn't exactly say how.

For if the Saudi way of Islam is false, then what is, in fact, the correct Sharia?

[...] though I believe in Shari’a I don’t think that a theocracy implemented by a static monarchy is the optimum implementation of Shari’a. In fact, I think the Sa’udi model not only restricts Muslim society but Shari’a itself preventing the powerfully dynamic potential which is inherent in the religion of Islam.

I don't think he wrote that for comedic effect.

End Muslim Immigration Because...

Kashmiri Nomad:

Muslim migration to the west must stop immediately.

The logic behind this stance is amusing:

My reason for wanting to stop Muslim migration to the west is not because of any of the reasons mentioned above. I believe that Muslim migration must be stopped because the majority of population of the western world do not want Muslims in their countries. This has been true in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and also in more recent times.

For the sake of argument, let's say what this fellow states is true. Then, why haven't the majority of Westerners simply clamored for ending Muslim immigration? For example, the West could seize taking in Muslim immigrants and increase the numbers of bright non-Muslim Indians and Chinese. That's a pool of 2.5 billion people; so the whole process should be fairly easy.

What has stopped the West from doing exactly that for many decades?

Another thing: the political process in the West tells us what Westerners want (at a specific time). The author basically says that the majority don't want Muslims and the politicians, for decades, haven't listened to them. How exactly does he know that the majority don't want Muslim immigration? How did he gauge their opinion on this matter?

License To Kill... Fun

The China Post [Beware: the link might try to resize your window].

Religious police in a Malaysian state plan to deploy spies working as waiters or janitors in hotels to stop activities the authorities consider immoral, including sex between unmarried people, a news report said Tuesday.

That's by far the biggest problem Islamic nations have: single people having way too much sex.

Rosol said the spies would largely look for unmarried couples committing "khalwat," or "close proximity," a crime under Islamic law in Malaysia akin to adultery. It applies to unchaperoned meetings between men and women.

Ah, clarity: they want gender apartheid.

Those found guilty of khalwat can be jailed for up to two months under Islamic laws, which do not apply to non-Muslims.

Malaysian Muslims must feel so lucky.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.

Lurid Betrayal

The Egyptian state put Abdel Karim, a freethinking blogger, in jail. Now as the court circus hearing approaches, we get this jaw-dropping news:

Abdel Karim's father announced today that he is disowning Abdel Karim, and that he would like to see Sharia Law applied to his son, in which he would have 3 days to repent at the end of which if he is not repentant, he would be killed.

If Karim is murdered, then this will be, in effect, an honor killing.

Those Crazy Aunties!


Mention the word “Daakter” to a mother of marriageable-age girls (called DesiMama from here on) and she will swoon. Her ultimate goal in life will then be to marry one of her daughters off to said daakter. DesiMama will put Mrs. Bennett to shame in her zealous attempts at thrusting her daughter to the “top” of the desi society hierarchy. After a DesiMama marries her daughter off to daakter-saab she will be the new Rishta Aunty queen bee of her circle.

Oh the prestige!

Why this blatant favoritism? After conducting numerous informal studies I have reached a conclusion [...]

The truth will shock you.

Kufaar in Islamic Lands

Cynic asked this in a comment:

"In fact there are Muslims who consider Ahmadis to be heretics or apostates."

Is this similar to the treatment of the Bahaii faith in Iran?

They're similar:

  • Bahá'ís have faced severe persecution from the Iranian state. Recently, Egypt refused to recognize their faith. As a result, the Bahá'ís have to "adopt" Islam or Christianity to get legal documents. Similarly the Ahmadis are persecuted in Pakistan. Legal documents such as national ID and passport applications explicitly ask if one is an Ahmadi or not. Thus, honest Ahmadis are "marked" for open discrimination by the state.
  • The numbers of people who belong to these two faiths is very small. We're talking about 5 to 10 million each. It's very easy and often convenient to demonize such small groups.

In one important way, the Bahá'ís and the Ahmadis are different:

  • The Bahá'í faith started in the 19th century. The "Ahmadi" faith is simply Islam plus one extra prophet. (Curiously, the Ahmadi prophet showed up in the 19th century as well.) So, Ahmadis, if allowed, would perform the daily prayers, fast during Ramadan, carry out the Haj etc. In fact, Ahmadis call themselves Muslims. The Bahá'ís, however, don't follow Islam. Thus, Ahmadis are the heretics or apostates whereas the Bahá'ís are of a different religion to begin with.

In the end, it doesn't matter: Bahá'ís, Ahmadis, Jews... they're all the same. They're all infidels; thus, they don't "deserve" equal treatment.

Christ Akbar!

Abu Sinan provides comedy gold:

The emergence of the "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" topic is nothing more than a way to advance people's hatred of Muslims and of Islam. We would much more correct talking about a "Sudden Crusader Syndrome" because these people are white and come from Christian backgrounds. There is no need to prove religious affiliation or whether or not the people involved are actually practicing their religion because similar requirements are not made for those accused of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome".

At the end, he unveils this jewel.

The Islamophobes, the extreme right wingers are as much of a threat to this country as al-Qaeda and their extremists.

Muslim mathematics at its finest: simply saying that a Muslim might have gone psycho because of his violent religion makes one equivalent to the Jihadists who fly planes into buildings.