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Bikini wins. And it would be a sin against nature and nature's God to hide Kyla Cole's lovely face under a veil, and incredible body under a burqa or burqini.

Isaac Schrödinger

^^ Indeed.



Her fingers and toes are sticking out!

Isaac Schrödinger

^^ Yes, that's the problem with the burqini: It shows too much skin!

Josh Scholar

The proof that Muslims hate women:

They come from the desert and they make women cover themselves with black.

Josh Scholar

Anyway we just need a ruling that suntan oil counts as a covering and it will all be good!

Isaac Schrödinger

^^ I'm pro-suntan oil!


You guys are pigs. So the burqini is a little over the top, but at least guys leave her alone and don't look at her like she's a piece of meat, make crude comments, etc. I'm a bikini-wearer, but sometimes people like you make me want to never show any skin again! Get a life, and if you want to see a naked woman, find a woman you can love, and respect her enough to marry her first!


I wear a mankini


go Anna! righteous!

James Smith

The truth of the matter is we guys always promote women to get naked for us and cheer them when they wear less for our pleasure. It is funny how the loader we get, the less they wear. It is a game where we want to see more and masked it under the freedom and liberty. I hate to sound distorted but that is the truth. In our society men are always more conservative because it is a man's game that women never figured out. We want to see you naked because if we cannot have you at least we can enjoy our imaginations screwing you.


James, I do agree with you, the less they wear the more respect we give them. Ladies just get naked and let us enjoy your bodies. What do you have to lose.


respect is always in modesty. see mother of jesus. she always covered her body.
this is a mans game. for their own nasty imaginations men wants a women to go naked. exploitation of the body is like selling your body. if we have a something very precious we keep them covered and protected. I would respect the women who keep their body covered. because it is precious.

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