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Crusade Watcher:

The West's Crusade against Islam is not limited to removing governments that promote Islam, killing Muslims, stealing their wealth, and controlling their lands. The other aspect which is more dangerous (especially to future generations) is to stop the Dawah (teaching of true Islam) and promote in its a place a version of Islam that runs parallel to their own society. In otherwords; a watered down version that leaves out or completely ignores many aspects of the deen, especially those aspects that make Islam and Muslims different or should I say a threat to their inferior man-made systems.

So, that's why so many Westerners are leaving the Kafir-o-sphere for the superior lands of Islam!

Later, he offers another howler.

The tools they use are harassment, fear of harassment and fear itself. How many times have heard the debates about hijab? If you want to live in our society you should dress the way we do. If you don't eat pork, drink alcohol, or listen to music you should leave our country.

[Emphasis mine.]

Never heard that one before.

At the end, he offers links to videos and clarifies something:

I want to add that the word kafir means disbeliever, and if someone doesn't want to be called a disbeliever then they should become a believer.

Yeah, as though the problem is simply being called a kafir rather than how these people want to treat a kafir.



He's absolutely right though. We'd love to replace his version of Islam with a "watered down" version. That's the only way to avoid total war.

Isaac Schrödinger

A watered down version would definitely be better. I was however mocking his belief in the superiority of Islam over the man-made Western Civilization. The one-way traffic offers a different conclusion.


Oh, I know, I understood you perfectly :) In fact, that was the same thought I had, before I even read your commentary. You hit it bang on. Canada's GPD is higher than the top three Muslim nations combined. Even Mexico has a higher GDP than any Muslim nations. Yet this clown has the audacity to claim that Muslim societies are superior? Sure. I suppose they're so poor because they're being oppressed and exploited by by those capitalistic swine in Sweden and Switzerland.

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