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Tobacco is Haram?

CEN News:

A SMOKER was refused cigarettes at a Cambridge store because the Muslim shop assistant said it was against her religion to sell tobacco.

What utter baloney! I have lived in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where Muslims buy and smoke cigarettes a lot. Of course, many consider it a filthy habit but anti-Islamic it ain't.

Why, in certain areas of life, are Muslims in the West becoming more extreme than Muslims in Dar-ul-Islam?

Link via Western Resistance.



What about the taxi drivers that have refused to take passengers with alcohol? Have you any thoughts on that? (Or have you blogged about it before? I'm sorry if I've missed that because I just started reading your blog)

Isaac Schrödinger

Matt: Two related posts on that matter:

Bucking for Dhimmitude
Muslims: The Next Generation

When it comes to alcohol, I learned (this was in eighth grade, I think) from my islamiyat studies that selling, possessing, or transporting alcohol are all considered illegal activities in Islam.

So, religiously speaking, the Muslims who refuse to take passengers with alcohol are correct.

The same, I guess, would be true of Muslims who refuse to transport pig meat or dogs.

However, this is the 21st century. Nobody, by law, can't discriminate in this manner. Take for example, the case in Britain where a Muslim cabbie refused to transport a blind woman because she had a dog. The Muslim was later fined in court.


I am not sure it is a Muslim prohibition as such. Probably a secondary ruling that prohibits assisting people in causing harm to themselves, and it may exist in other religions as well.

I, on the other hand, will consider killing somebody when out of cigarettes ;-) But that's my personal reading of the Book.


Thanks for the links Isaac. I agree, it does seem to be a slippery slope, if you start allowing the alcohol discrimination where might it lead?

On the other hand I have sympathy for religious concerns. For example if a Christian charity believed that homosexuality was a sin they shouldn't be forced to hire a homosexual "Christian." But that is a private business and job related--different than taxis that provide a public service.

It is like a medical clinic. You might believe that abortion is wrong, or that pro-lifers are infringing on woman's rights--either way you shouldn't refuse service to someone who believes differently from you.

I agree with the writer of the linked blog entry--why employ such a person? If you own the shop and don't want to sell cigarettes then don't stock them. If you just work there you should sell everything or work somewhere else...


It is part of an ongoing effort to sneak sharia in the back door. If we make them do something they claim is against their religion, then we are bigots. Since that is the worst possible insult in the west (if you are vulnerable to such speciousness), you will be intimidated to comply with sharia and give up a little more of your freedom, just so someone won't call you a mean name.

Ernesto Ribeiro


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