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I hope I am interpreting your comment correctly. You get to stay?!? That is great. Congratulations.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you and yes, I do get to stay in the West.

The Raccoon

Woohooo! Congrats, brother! I'll smoke a joint to honor this hour (I'm allergic to alcohol)! :)


I needed some good news today. Though we never met, though I only know of you through your blogging, and though it is strange to be happy for a total stranger, it does feel so good to see the system work intelligently for once, especially for someone like you, an ex-muslim who'd die for sure if sent back to a muslim country. Congratulations, and best wishes on your stay in Canada.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Woohooo! Congrats, brother! I'll smoke a joint to honor this hour."

Um, thank you.

Isaac Schrödinger

mts: Thanks. It's, indeed, a good day.

The Jut

They decided to keep you! Congratulations! I'll pass on the joint, but celebrate with a glass of fine Danish mead instead. Cheers to Canada! This completely made me forget about our border dispute for a moment. Time to write your story then. You've written a good part of it already. Let me know if I can be of any help getting it published in Denmark. The fight must go on, and you are certainly a valuable addition to the free world.


Congratulations Isaac, and welcome aboard. I can't think of a more deserving citizen.

Terry Gain

Congratualtions Isaac. I am very happy for you. Now please apply for Mansbridge's job- or Neil MacDonalds's.

Gus Van Horn

Exactly what Alex said! Welcome home, Isaac!


Congratulations Isaac,

There was a small group in Vancouver tonight hoping for good news from you. It's great to hear it confirmed. Here's a toast in coffee ---^^^---

Perry de Havilland

Outstanding! At some point in the future I will track you down and... we will go have a beer.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Issac, I have been concerned about your fate. Well done and I hope you have a happy safe life from now on.


Congratulations! To you and to our country.


Congratulations, welcome to the civilised world.

Is that joint still doing the rounds? :)


Congratulations !!! I am so glad you are safe. Take care and keep blogging. We need your unique perspective !! from a mom in Texas


Congrats Isaac. This just prompted me to leave my first comment here:-) Great news.Pass that joint.


Congratulations Issac. I am heartglad to know that you will be safe. And selfishly glad to know that I will be able to continue to read your blog.


Congratulations, Isaac! I'll hoist an adult beverage to you and Canada this weekend. Nice to know you'll stay a northern neighbor.

Ian Hamet

(My last comment didn't go through, so now I'm late to the party. :( )

Congrats, Isaac! I'll give Canucks in general a one-day amnesty from mockery in appreciation. (Having been in Michigan, I've got a natural right to mock 'nucks. :)

I hope this frees you up even more in criticizing and exposing the horrors of the world in which you grew up.


Talk about a win-win situation. Canada makes the right call and the rest of the country benefits. Welcome home and congratulations.


So when you become a Canadian citizen, what would stop you from returning to Islam. Unfortunately I see many other moslems flocking to Canada as refugess saying they have renounced Islam, please let me in, my life is forfeited otherwise.

Not a good day for Canada.


Congratulations Isaac, our country is lucky to have you.
From one Canadian to another: cheers! [raises drink]

David Boxenhorn

I've been out of touch for a few days, what a great thing to come back to! Congratulations, welcome to the free world!

Baron Bodissey

Congratulations, Isaac! From Gates of Vienna.

Yay Canada!


I was so focused on the ROFASIX link you posted that I completely missed this the first time around. I want to add my congratulations to the host of others!


I just stumbled across this blog via a link from Michelle Malkin's blog, but I'm enjoying what I see so far.

Congrats on the successful conclusion of your hearing. I look forward to continuing to read your blog as you enjoy continued freedom.

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