The Meaning of Fundamentalism
Ann Coulter Spanks Hillary Clinton

My Heart Bleeds

Umar Lee talks about gay adoption in Britain and later says:

There will come a time when it will be illegal in much of the West to advocate on behalf of many Muslim issues and to take traditional Islamic stances on a number issues and homosexuality, a cause celeb amongst many in the secular and decadent West, is one of the main issues [...]

The traditional Islamic stance on homosexuality:

Teenagers Executed

The two Iranian teenagers, pictured above, were executed on July 19, 2005 for the crime of homosexuality.



As a Christian I believe that homosexuality is wrong. But the difference between myself and these Muslim is that I don't ever want the government to agree with me and kill somebody because they do something my faith says is wrong. If someone doesn't hold to the same beliefs I do I think they're wrong, but I don't expect them to act as I do. If they don't believe the Bible is try why should I expect them to follow it? I don't.

I do think it should be my right to follow my faith and say that things I think are wrong are wrong without being accused of committing a hate crime. Say adultery for example. However, that doesn't mean I can get the government to punish those people. All you can do is kick someone out of your church/temple/mosque if they don't repent of what you view as a sin.

Isaac Schrödinger

Matt: That's the problem with Islam. There is no separation of mosque and state. What Islam identifies as right and wrong must be the law of the land. And if it's not, then that's an "invitation" for Jihad.

That's your root cause right there.


Yeah, that is the point I wanted to make. I think that we should be careful to understand that and not to squash other freedoms while we are recognizing the dangers that Islam brings to the West.

I am so glad that we have a written constitution in the States, even if all is not well in the state of Denmark at least there is text that can be referenced. In the UK their "constitution" consists of a massive body of law, rulings, and proclamations. There is no First Amendment that would have to be amended with a massive nationwide vote.

Josh Scholar

If Islam is political, then it certainly deserves the harsh critical light that we put on all politics in order to save ourselves from the horrible injustices of bad policies.

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