Isn't This Ironic?
Somebody is Being Naughty

Judgment Day

I got a soar throat on December 21 and on Christmas Eve I was in full sickness mode: headache, running nose, coughing, zero energy. Only in the past two days has my physical strength improved.

And what timing it is!

You see, my hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board is coming up. It has been quite an arduous and conflicting wait.

There is a sense of tension: I'm between heaven and hell and after a few hours of examination one person will decide my fate. And then there is a sense of relief: finally, for good or bad, a decision will be made.

I have been fortunate to live in the West after abandoning the monotony and immorality of the cult of Muhammed.

Here's hoping the infidelicious journey continues.


The Raccoon

Good luck! This Raccoon is holding his paws crossed for you...

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