Extermination of the Single Male
The High Cost of a Free Lunch

Fair Criticism

Sacred Cows: Is it 'cause I is black?

The author talks about the Shilpa Shetty controversy. I think that many have gone off the rails with their judgments. For example:

There’s also been talk of what is perceived as an intrinsic racial prejudice that runs through British society. The UK might project itself as a multi-cultural, but the intelligentsia here aren’t buying it. ‘It is no surprise that white people are racist,’ documentary maker Tanuja Chandra told the Hindustan Times. Director Anurag Basu echoed her words: ‘Everyone knows that there is racism in the UK.’

"It is no surprise that [blank] people are racist." Can you put any race in there without being racist?

"Everyone knows there is racism in the UK." Question: name a country in which racism does not exist?

Do read the last few lines for a little perspective.


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