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Contradictions Abound

Varifrank via Glenn Reynolds:

I've never understood how on one hand people overseas will tell the pollsters how much they hate America - and Americans, and yet our streets seem to be increasingly filled with people from all around the world who have risked life and limb and broken the law of their country and ours to get here.

I mean, if I dont like a restaurant, I dont stand in line for 4 hours to get in, I just go somewhere else. I sure dont stand in line for four hours and then say how much I hate the place.

One would think that the polls are faulty but then one would be assuming that those who're polled are rational (in the sense that they see US bounty and thus adopt and like the American mode of successful behavior / system).

That is sadly not the case. Here's a depressing conversation I had in the summer of 2002 in Saudi Arabia that will shed more light on the matter.

I think that pollsters can ask two questions that can really showcase the schizophrenia of the people being polled.

  1. What's your opinion of the United States?
  2. If given the chance, would you immigrate to America?

Citizens of Islamic nations might think that America is The Great Satan but they certainly have no qualms about working for McLucifer.

Come to think of it: there are millions of American-born citizens who loath the US! Do you see them leaving for the comfort of Canada or the warmth of Mother Russia or [insert ideal nation here]? The vast majority don't.

America-bashing is similar to Jew-hatred; historically and logically invalid but it sure makes for a very convenient scapegoat.



In the documentary about Al Jazeera, "Control Room," - which gives lots of airtime to why invading Iraq is "bad" and why understanding "why it's 'bad'" is "good" - Al J's producer says he'd jump at the chance to work for an American network.

Isaac Schrödinger

Jeremayakovka: That's a good example. These people would love to live a good life in America while still harboring a deep hatred for her ideals.

It's a disturbing trend to say, "Well, all these poor souls left their old 'home' and moved to the US. So, of course, logically, they must like us!"

And that's the problem: these people aren't logical.

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