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Clayton Cramer:

The evidence just keeps accumulating that man's contribution to global warming is minor, at worst.

It's odd to see that one important historical fact is rarely taken into account in the global warming debate: the Earth has had numerous periods of global warming and cooling. Think about it: how could we have had "Ice Ages" without relatively warmer periods?

There is no point in handicapping ourselves and wasting trillions of dollars when we won't have a significant effect on stopping this natural cycle. And another thing: let's look at the benefits of warming as well. Focusing solely on the "apocalypse" only provides a distorted picture.


Doubting Thomas

there are benefits to warming? You know for sure what they are? You want to mess with the weather without a control experiment? there is the one and only atmosphere, if you change it and your experiment goes wrong, what will you do then?

If it's all the sun's fault, then that means we can safely ignore it? If the climate is about to drastically change because of the sun's output, you think that's something we can merrily whistle past the graveyard over?

Do You think making a change in our one and only atmosphere is a good thing, without knowing what the effect will be? Would you like it if we made a change in the chemical composition of your one and only body without knowing what the effect will be? Would you volunteer for that?


When I was going through highschool, the big thing that scared us all was that "we are overdue for another ice age". If mankind really is responsible for global warming, then we're doing something right. I'll take warming over an ice age any day.

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