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Abuse of Property Rights

Pejman Yousefzadeh:

For all of the coverage that the Kelo decision has received in the popular media, it remains, amazingly, a sleeper issue of sorts. The simple fact is that not enough people among the voting public know about the Kelo decision and its consequences.

Very true. One would think that the "limited government" Republicans would bring attention to this outrageous issue but they're too busy distancing themselves from their winning base.

Go read the excerpt and know that this policy isn't merely theoretical.



When I read this post I was just thinking about the story from Washington, which is the very one referenced in the link that you put up. I shudder to think what this could mean if states don't start putting teeth in local laws that are supposed to limit the effects of the Kelo decision.


Many states have already passed laws to limit their local governments. Many of them were red states, which isn't surprising. Californians actually voted down a referendum to limit Kelo!

Isaac Schrödinger

"Californians actually voted down a referendum to limit Kelo!"

That's scary.


While I did like California, a part of me is glad that I no longer live there. Some crazy things are happening.

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