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It reminds me of the movie Sum of All Fears. I enjoyed the original Clancy novel, but the movie butchered the plot. The details aren't important here, except that the main villains were pathetically twisted.

The original "bad guys" were Muslims pissed off at the US (later book plots involved Iran assassinating Saddam and merging the two countries into a United Islamic Republic and trying to take over the Middle East, all while trying to wipe out the US population).

Anyway, apparently this was too politically correct, despite the fact that these people had the best reason for the terrorist attack--detonating a nuke at the Super Bowl. In the movie they were changed to Neo-Nazis. *yawn* Pathetic, and it didn't make much sense any more.

Isaac Schrödinger

Nobody complains when white guys are the villains. Bring in a non-white guy/gal and a few dim bulbs light up, "Oooh so that is how the media sees the so-and-so race/ethnicity."

It's an idiotic mindset. It denies non-whites the full spectrum of emotions and pathologies that are showcased among white baddies.


"What race are Muslims again?"

The best kind I'm sure.

Josh Scholar

The word "racism" is the only word in the English language (or in western society in any language) which implies an insult to a group that society as a whole disapproves of.

So whenever Muslims would rail against outsiders for not submitting to the authority of the group, its the only word they can use that gets the desired effect.

They couldn't publically respond to the cartoon crisis by saying that we're all dirty infidels who've disrespected Islam and thus must have our heads cut from our bodies (that's the punishment isn't it), so they called us "racists"

It works better doesn't it? Try shouting "Apostate!" "Unbeliever!" "Heretic!" in the streets of San Francisco and everyone, even the press will laugh at you. But shout "racists!"


I like that second paragraph Josh. I'm proud to be a dirty infidel who has disrespected Islam.

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