An Unnecessary Labyrinth
No Love for Senator Vietnam

The Final Solution

Black Lion offers unintentional comedy.

Every race is preferred above us in almost every society. And when it comes to complexion, ours are the most despised, while we have no problems with other people’s colors or looks at all.

Yup, who ever heard of a black racist!?

In order to stone a woman or man to death, she or he must be guilty of adultery and have four witnesses to her or his act testify. She may not be stoned if she was raped or coerced, as the woman in Nigeria testified she was.

Aw, how sweet.

I listed some of the problems, but we already know this. The solution seems to evade and stomp us.

Islam is the answer. Regardless of the question.

Here the jackal lion wishes for some hard Islam:

Where did Allah say to fight a non-violent revolution? Muhammad had people killed for insulting Allah's religion. He was merciful to a Jewish woman who threw trash on his yard, but she didn't insult his religion or his Lord. And when she was ill, he visited not to be humble, but to make dawah to her and invite her to Islam while she had breath in her body. And the verses regarding jihad hadn't yet been revealed. When they were, he killed those who insulted Allah or His religion directly. Had them assassinated!


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