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Religious Apartheid

Another example of that famous Islamic tolerance:

Mr Joseph, who was based in Jeddah, where he was an employee of an electronics company, traveled towards where he thought his wife was based, and lost his way. He found himself on the road to Medina.

Unbeknownst to Mr Joseph, during the pilgrimage season, this road was forbidden to non-Muslims. He was arrested by police at Al-Azeez, and was hauled before a religious court on Monday. Full of that Islamic tolerance which the Saudis like to promote in the West, the religious court ordered that Mr Joseph should have his head sliced off on Tuesday, merely for "trespassing into a Muslim-only area".

Not Pure, Not Welcome

I was born to a Ahmadi-Muslim family in Pakistan.

Small differences in beliefs and rituals within Muslim communities are enough to bring on discrimination and general rudeness.

Take for example the experience of the Ahmadiyya sect in Pakistan. The government and the majority public of Pakistan don't consider the Ahmadis to be Muslims. Those who call themselves Ahmadis can't call their place of worship a mosque. Pakistani passport applications and other types of documents specifically ask whether one is a Ahmadi or not which makes public discrimination easier.

Koonj talks about the Pakistani passport application. There are the little headaches: your ID card info and also of your parents, fingerprints. But it's also nice to see Pakistanis who disapprove of the blatant discrimination against Ahmadis.

Many Ahmadis live in the town of Rabwa, Pakistan. I talked to an Ahmadi family once who told me about losing electricity there--often for many days. The longest that I have experienced is about 24 hours in Karachi, Pakistan: the water system shuts off in a few minutes; the food in the refrigerator starts going bad a few hours later; there's no respite from zillions of flies and mosquitoes; you're afraid of every single sound in the dark; one fully appreciates the miracle that is the shower and candles are not associated with a romantic atmosphere.

All the flowery talk about the tolerance of brothers and the hospitality of Muslims truly crumbles when one lives among them.

Good Muslims

Crusade Watcher:

The Palestinian People overwhelmingly support Hamas. And why wouldn't they since Hamas is the only group that has really ever helped them. Hamas runs many social programs, schools, clinics, etc. and have the peoples best interest in mind and do it all in accordance with Islam.

The fact that they want to murder all the Jewish neighbors is simply a part of the "greater good".

Loving the Infidel

Fresno Bee via Michelle Malkin:

His attorney said Friday that Talal "Ted" Ali Chammout is a U.S. citizen who loves America, adores his children and is a respectable mini-mart owner in Porterville.

But federal prosecutor Carl Faller said Chammout, 47, wanted to purchase missiles and rocket launchers and other weaponry to send to terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

Well, good thing he didn't hate America. (Shudder.)

Dubai Unveiled

Secret Dubai Diary:

A great surprise for many hacks throughout the sandlands who erroneously believed their profession to be about reporting the truth, providing information, and exposing injustice and wrongdoing.

Apparently their job is actually to "project a positive and true image of the country", according Youssef Al Hassan of the Emirates Institute of Diplomacy:

Positive and true? More like positive or true.

Also, read about UAE gender inequality.

Wake Up and Smell the Jihad

Rob Dreher writes a post that is not to be missed.

At the Dallas Morning News the other day, our editorial board received a delegation from the local Muslim community. They came in large part to complain about editorial coverage of the community, which is to say they came mostly to complain about me.

Dreher is not being a useful infidel.

I asked if they thought sharia should be the law of the land in our secular pluralistic democracy. Another round of long-winded answers, amounting to, "It would never happen here." That's not what I'm asking, I said; should it happen here. Someone explained that Muslim community would never be big enough in this country to make that happen. Which is, of course, entirely beside the point, but we moved on. I had my answer.


Oh, and it was instructive to hear from this group that the adulteresses in the Prophet's time asked to be stoned to death. The Prophet was apparently doing them a favor. Wonderful.

Yup, that glorified monkey sure knew how to showcase mercy and peace.

The American public would be so much better informed if journalists would write like that without resorting to assumptions, feelings or suicidal excuses. Just tell it like it is!

First link via Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

The Curse of Multiculturalism

Brian Walden asks, "What does multiculturalism mean?"

Britain has always been, in one way or another, a multicultural society. In 1900, or 1950, some people lived in a city and caught a bus, or tram, which took them to a job that paid a wage.

Others lived in the country and were awakened by a servant who handed them a cup of tea, the start of a day managing a large estate.

That definition is too broad; to be honest, it's idiotic. By that logic, every single nation in recorded history has been multicultural!

Near the end:

Many people can't believe that anybody takes the Bible or the Koran seriously.

But Muslims take the Koran very seriously and regard it as the word of God. It lays down strict rules about human conduct, some of which are at odds with the civil liberties enjoyed in British society.

And yet, you gloss over that core incompatibility:

This is not a problem incapable of accommodation, but Muslims will have to be allowed to proclaim convictions opposite to those of the majority. That will call for goodwill on all sides.

Ah yes, but what happens when those Koran-based convictions are no longer in the minority?

Mr. Walden should ask Santa for a lot of Muslim goodwill.

Depending on the Will of Allah

Mahmood's Den:

You want to know what it means when it rains in Bahrain? Well, this picture sums it up, the streets get submerged and the municipality doesn’t come around to suck that water away, it normally is left to fester until God decides to stop the rain for a while, heat up the weather a bit and get the whole this to evaporate.

The same thing happens in Saudi Arabia. Oh, the lovely aroma!

Infidels Are Not Welcome

Does Wall Street only allow Christians to invest in stocks? Nope.

The above might never happen in Wall Street, but here, where modern civilized inventions such as the stock market get coupled with medieval principles, anything can happen. That's exactly what happened to a group of Egyptian Christian investors who bought shares in Faisal Islamic Bank. The Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange canceled their stocks because the bank allows only Muslim to purchase its stocks.

Dang, I sooo wanted to put my money there.

The Ashes Return To Australia


The Ashes is a Test cricket series, played between England and Australia - it is international cricket's oldest and most celebrated rivalry dating back to 1882.

England won last year after losing for the previous eighteen.

This year, the Brits went to Australia to defend the Ashes. They started the 5-match series last month. The Aussies crushed them in the first three games to regain the Ashes.

English Cricket, R.I.P.

Ricky Ponting wants to annihilate England 5-0. Oh, sweet revenge.

Andrew Miller:

In the end, resistance was futile. England's 463-day Ashes reign, the shortest in history, came to an end just two balls into the second session of the 15th day of this contest.


Australia is, once again, the team to beat. If they win the World Cup in a few months (which will make it a record three-in-a-row), then this generation will qualify as the greatest in history.

The Jews are the New Jews

The Telegraph via Banana Oil:

Rabbi Alex Chapper, 33, was the victim of a "faith-hate" crime in July last year. He was returning from a synagogue in Ilford, Essex, with three Jewish friends after conducting a service. All were wearing skull caps. Seven Asian teenagers followed them down the road shouting "Yehudi", which means Jew in Arabic. One of them shouted, "We are Pakistani, you are Jewish. We are going to kill you", before punching Rabbi Chapper in the face and hitting one of his friends over the head with a bottle.

"It was very frightening, we were all very shaken," said the rabbi. "I thought we were going to get seriously hurt but someone threatened to call the police and they ran off.

What did the cops do?

"We identified the youths and told the police but they were never prosecuted. They just did not seem interested. I feel very let down."

A Slave of Allah

A rant from Izzy Mo:

... the Glenn Becks of the world would prefer something else but his show is proof that a large portion of sheltered, culturally-deficient, privileged, “why learn about other cultures?”, ignorant, rich, White people are wigged out by the colored people moving into the suburbs and of their kind becoming an even smaller minority.

Yeah, the problem with Muslims is their... skin color. Note the rarefied assumption: Muslims come in one defined shade.

I can only make a feeble dua that the tide turns and that God offers the American people just one last chance to take this country back from the greedy and insipid leaders who are running things.   I know one day, and I may see this in my lifetime, the Palestinians will have self determination and statehood.  The Iraqis and Afghanis will have control over their own lands, governments and livelihoods and some brave soul will charge the current administration for crimes against humanity.  Goodness, if Clinton can be impeached for having an affair, what punishment is strong enough for a man who lied to his people and sacrified their sons and daughters for oil profits?

A few points:

  1. When, in the pre-Bush era, did the Afghans and the Iraqis have control over their destiny? It's amazing to see such bleeding-heart Muslims who're all for freedom only in the lands where the Americans are trying to provide the people exactly that! As for the Iranians, Syrians, and the people of Saudi Arabia: Drop dead.
  2. Clinton was impeached for lying under oath.
  3. What exactly were those lies that Bush told the American public?
  4. Stop denigrating the US troops. They're not being sacrificed. They volunteer and believe in their mission. They are willing to die so that ungrateful, cynical, and small-minded citizens like you can freely spew garbage without being beaten by the state police or put in a dungeon.

The Inconvenient Holocaust

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not alone:

All the women were taking their clothes off.

That aspect of the scene got my attention. Another odd feature was that the movie was in black and white. Some guys were playing the VHS tape in the living room of our high school dorm.

All the naked women were told to enter a huge room which was then locked. The unclothed women started to scream.

The whole scene was confusing.

Then water started to flow from the shower heads above them. There was relief and laughter.

Did they fear that the water would be too cold?

Here's how I ended the post:

Westerners learn from, and teach about, the Holocaust. Deplorably, for hundreds of millions of Muslims the Holocaust simply doesn't exist.

Unleash the Troops

Victor Davis Hanson:

If we add another 30,000 or so troops to Iraq, in a final effort to win the war, then we must change (widen) the rules of engagement. Only that way can America ensure that it simply does not create more targets for the insurgents, add a larger logistical trail, and ensure more Iraqi dependency on our soldiers.

Why should the change in ROE be dependent upon the increase of troops? The US needs to widen the ROE regardless.

That in of itself will have a force multiplier effect.

Power of Islamists

Western Resistance has details about the morality laws that the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is trying to pass.

Musharraf is doing his best to stop the bill. This is a real test of his control. If the bill were to become law in the NWFP, then Islamists in the other three provinces will push for similar rules in their districts. Hey, if Allah's Terror Law is alright in the NWFP, then why should the rest of the country be denied the pleasure?

Clandestine Apostates

Dhimmi Watch links to this depressing article about Morocco:

"For many of us, Islam is perceived as a social straitjacket and not as a real faith, and Christianity as a religion of tolerance and love," said the businessman, who converted at the age of 19 and was later followed by his family.

Yet in the eyes of the state they remain Muslim.

"Officially, my son and I are Muslim," said Abdelhalim. "We hold Christian marriages and bless the young couple but this is not recognized by the state. They must go before the Muslim clergy and marry according to Sharia (Islamic law). If they don't do this, they can be charged with adultery."

The same goes for death. "I cannot be buried in a Christian cemetery, only in a Muslim one," he said.

The same principle applies in Pakistan. For example, Ahmadiyya is a tiny Islamic sect. However, most Muslims consider its followers to be heretic. If Islamists find out that a person buried in a common graveyard is an Ahmadi, then they exhume the body.

The Christian converts also have article 220 of the penal code hanging over their heads, which provides for prison sentences of between six months and three years for anyone who tries to undermine a Muslim's faith or to convert him to another religion.

Oddly enough, the faith of infidels doesn't get the same treatment.

"To deny one's religion, it is the biggest sin that a Muslim can commit," he said.

All four major schools of Islamic "thought" prescribe death for apostasy. See this Egyptian ruling and its translation from 1978.

What Happens to Muslims Who Don't Support Jihad II

See my first post for the background. Via Junk Yard Blog, Michael D. Bates digs deeper in the "Mosque of Peace?":

At the center of the story is Jamal Miftah, who emigrated from Pakistan in 2003 with his wife and four children. As a devout Muslim, he was incensed by the violent reaction of some Muslims to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed which appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005. He began to write an article about it, but the demands of his job didn't allow him time to finish it.

But Miftah took up the pen again after seeing a videotaped speech in late September of this year by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second in command of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden's terrorist movement.

On November 18, 2006, in his local mosque, Miftah was confronted by the imam and then some minutes later:

[...] he was confronted by the president of the mosque's operating council, Houssam Elsoueissi (also known as Abu Waleed). In a loud voice, Elsoueissi called Miftah "anti-Muslim" and a "traitor" for writing against Muslim organizations.

Those who do not know much about Islamic rhetoric will miss the dark significance of those precise words. Though, thankfully, Bates gets the scoop right from the source.

In our conversation last week, Miftah explained that there is an implied threat in the label "anti-Muslim." In some parts of the Muslim world, apostates, those who abandon Islam, are deemed worthy to be put to death.

Open criticism of Al Qaeda results in swift condemnation, threat of physical violence and possible death for a Muslim. In America.

If nothing else, this incident should make non-Muslims realize how little we know. I invite Muslim Tulsans-- whether you are a leader in the mosque, a contented member, or a discontented member--contact me at [...]

That's the problem. Only Muslims can shed light upon what happens in their mosques. But they can't if they fear for their lives and izzat (reputation).

Dealing With Evil

US Democratic senator Bill Nelson met with the Syrian jackal:

Nelson emerged from a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus on Wednesday, saying Assad was willing to help control the Iraq-Syrian border. The Florida Democrat said he viewed Assad's remarks as "a crack in the door for discussions to continue. I approach this with realism, not optimism."

Utterly shameful. He didn't even care about this simple fact:

The United States has limited diplomatic ties with Syria because of its support of Hezbollah and Hamas, which the United States considers terrorist organizations.

Clarity and Resolve: Dem Dances With Dictator.

Moderate Muslims

The Big Pharaoh:

Muslim Brotherhood students at Al Azhar university held a protest yesterday after the suspension of a number of MB students who took part in an unofficial student union elections. The government here maintains tight control over student elections to prevent the MB from winning these elections and that forced MB students to conduct student union elections parallel to the official ones.

See the slide show at flickr.

The jihad and its root

Here's the logo of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood logo

Nothing says PEACE like two shiny scimitars!

The Root Cause

Dr. Al Aswany is interviewed by National Geographic. (Link via here.)

There is much talk now of a "clash" of civilizations between the Muslim world and the West. How do you see this clash?
I don't think it's a question of civilizations. Civilizations are the best part of human creation. They don't cause any kind of clash—they are a means to communicate. The clash comes from the aggressive interpretation of some religions. Religions have been used throughout history as a cause to wage war and kill people, but it's my opinion that religions are the same everywhere.

Aswany is an idealistic fool. He thinks that all religions are equal. By this he risks the ire of Islamic extremists but more cleverly, he takes Islam out of the equation. And so, we end up with the following inanity:

Where do you think the current fanaticism is coming from?
Poor areas, because the poor are desperate. The current regime here is dealing with them in an inhuman way, arresting and torturing them. Religion is being used as a cover for social unrest, a way to empower these people who are not empowered.

The fact that some terrorists are poor doesn't mean that they wreak havoc because of their financial status. For example, most of the 9/11 hijackers came from two of the richest Islamic nations in the world.

If poverty were the cause of terrorism, then the world would be witnessing a wave of mayhem from Africa. Yet, for some odd reason, the terrorists who commit atrocities in the West are a) well off and b) have Muslim names.

Aswany is foolish in other matters as well:

What do you think of America now?
I believe America has made a big shift to the right. The whole world has shifted to the right, in a way. From the 1950s to the 1980s, people were more liberal. We don't respect free choice anymore. The globe has one superpower, and that superpower has to choose to be either a moral superpower or a capitalist superpower. This choice will influence history. America should say, "I am very strong, but I am fair." This isn't happening now.

The US can't please these people.

  • If the US deals with the dictators in the Middle East, then it's "supporting" them. For that, the Muslim hate the US.
  • If the US doesn't deal with a regime (see Iraq 1991-2003), then the US is killing innocent Muslims. For that, the umma hates the US.
  • If the US tries to lay a foundation for democracy and freedom (see Iraq and Afghanistan), then the US is there for OILLL. For that, these morons hate the US.

"Imam Circus Act"

Katherine Kersten: The real purpose behind the imam publicity blitz.

It's amazing to see just how much the Islamists wish to accomplish with just one Muslim congressman.

"A law that would compel security professionals to focus on keeping their statistics within certain norms rather than on their mission keeping airline travel safe would have a devastating effect on our ability to ensure airline safety," said Daniel Horan of the Los Angeles Police Department in an interview. He worked at the Los Angeles airport on profiling-related issues for 6 years.

Link via LFG.