Read Between the Lines
The Islamic Brand of Idiocy

Jihad in Slow Motion

Mean Mr. Mustard:

[...] rather than answering the question, someone accuses Dreher of cultural ignorance and bigotry. One hopes this playbook is becoming more transparent every day.

Oh, it is.

RD: Do you believe that homosexuals convicted in a sharia court should be killed, or otherwise punished physically?

ME: I don’t condone homosexuality. I have a lot of friends, a lot of people who work for me, just so you know. I don’t go kill them. But, you know, I don’t condone what they do outside of work, so long as it’s something not in front of me. So do I condone the sharia? We don’t apologize for our religion. If that is what our religion says, we certainly accept it open-heartedly.


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