So Wholesome

Do It for G.O.D.


As Jews we pray for peace three times a day, and we know the pursuit of peace is one of Judaism’s highest values. But how often do we lay people really get to do something for peace?

Well, tomorrow [that's today!] is your chance.

It’s Global Orgasm Day.

Well that's not fair to Muslims since half of them don't know what an orgasm is.

The Japanese infidels have got the idea. (Oddly enough, I recognized a few from Takeshi Kitano's movies.)

The umma is truly missing out on quality material!



I had to think about that one.


I am generally in favor of orgasms but if it is for peace I am against it (opposed to it). I have been convinced by today's peace movement and by history that peace is not a good thing. Peace is surrender and submission and appeasement and the oppression of one group by another. While this might be okay for orgasms it is not a good thing for the world. Wherever I see people asking for peace I see hate filled eyes and verbal venom.

Oh, and Merry Christmas all!

Josh Scholar

Doesn't it look like those Japanese people know how to have fun?

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