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The man who brought misery to the nation of Iraq and at points in time attacked Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel is now dead.

My memory of January 1991 in Khobar, Saudi Arabia:

I was doing my homework at around 9:30 p.m. when suddenly a loud wailing sound broke my concentration. I had never heard that sound before. I came out of my room and saw my parents leaving theirs. I asked my father if that was the siren and he nodded. We turned on the TV and a statement on the government channel stated, in essence, that the situation is tense in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

We went to a different room where my father told me to get under a table. I questioned how that would help if the whole building were to come down. After seeing the angry reaction on his face, I got under the table. A few uneventful minutes passed by. It was dead quiet. I was looking around and glanced outside the balcony door. The colors on the building across the street looked faded in the night.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash, like lightning, which briefly illuminated those colors. I looked at my parents and asked them if they saw that. I pointed at the balcony door and said, "there was a bright-" and then our building shook violently. Saddam’s military was firing scud missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Gateway Pundit details his many atrocities.


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