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Arab Hospitality

Observe, a billboard in Pakistan:

The Religion of Peace

It's an ad targeted at those who wish to perform the Haj; made by the Anti-Narcotics Force (Punjab); basically says that the punishment for taking drugs to Saudi Arabia is death.

The big text on the middle-right says, "Injaam sirf maut hai"...The result is only death.

By the way, alcoholic beverages are considered "a drug" in Saudi Arabia.

A few points:

  1. Why are Hajis-to-be being warned about drugs? Shouldn't these pious Muslims be aware of the horrific punishment already?
  2. It says something about the level of illiteracy in Pakistan that the government chose to put an image (isn't that haram?) in the ad.
  3. And what an image it is: an Arab with a blood-tinged sword and a hapless, hand-tied Pakistani guy with his head cut off. I don't think that 99% of the "Islamophobic" West could produce a graphical description as damaging--and true!--as this.


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