Good News for Unemployed Iranians

Women Love Gender Apartheid

Shariffa Carlo unleashes the Muslim woman. Hear her whimper!

This excerpt beautifully showcases the blindness of some Muslim women and the low value that is accorded to work by Arabs:

During the Gulf War, a Western reporter interviewed a Saudi woman. The reporter, trying to make her feel inferior, asked her, "Doesn't it bother you that you are not able to go and get a job as a waitress, if you wanted to?" This woman, may Allah bless her, answered, "Are you joking? I am a woman with maids and servants, why would I want to lower myself to such a task."

Never mind the fact that the maids are likely Muslim as well! But since they're from the third world, they don't matter.

Note the interesting choice of words:

Think about it, the job of waitress is a glorified servant. No woman actually aspires to it, most are forced to do it because there is nothing better for them. And, many of these waitresses are nothing more than cheap entertainment for men. When questioned about not being able to drive, Saudi women point out that having a driver is a luxury that most Westerners aspire to, why is it a humiliation only for Muslim women? In the same vein, the Western woman hopes for the ability to be a stay-at-home mother. It is a status symbol, yet they try to make us feel inferior for making that choice the most common and preferred one.

[Emphasis mine.]

A waitress is not forced to do her job if she doesn't have a better option in the short-run. By that logic anyone who aspires for a higher-paying job is being forced to perform his/her current labor.

A woman can be a waitress because she is earning money for college or maybe just because she likes her work. She can gain some valuable experience and later on search for a different job in an almost infinite labor market in the West.

However, those options simply do not exist for women in Saudi Arabia. In all my time there, I saw cabbies, bus drivers, gas station attendants, peons, sale clerks, grocery store managers, waiters, chefs, visa officers, cops, and the religious police. Guess how many of them were women?


How can Arab women make a choice between work and motherhood in a culture that offers them no jobs and that, in addition, has a retrograde and noxious view of labour?

Thanks to Wonder Woman for the link.


Wonder Woman

You're most welcome :)


Carlo reminds me of Maryam Jameelah, another long-time "revert", although Jameelah resides in Pakistan, whereas Carlo lives in the US. Both dream of bringing America and the wider West under the aegis of Islam, through the universal application of shari'ah. But Carlo is just that teensy weensy extra-special. She once wrote at length about her non-Muslim parents and how she'd gladly kill them for Allah.

There are numerous Western "reverts" to Islam who happily share her outlook. And they are highly unlikely to just pack it in and move to the Islamic paradise of their choice. At least Maryam Jameelah did shift to Pakistan many years ago, just narrowly escaping the status of a total hypocrite that is Shariffa Carlo.

Personally, I think that Carlo's articles should be as distributed far and wide as possible, so that people clearly see what the Islamic threat is about. If they think she's just a little too over the top, well, that demonstrates a sharp lack of familiarity with the wonderful world of jihadi websites. One of the saddest things is that her articles are hosted even on allegedly "moderate" websites such as "The Modern Religion". What does that tell you about these "moderates"?

Well, this is what the ""moderates" think of you, non-Muslims. They believe, no matter how you offer your hand in genuine friendship, that you are their enemy. It doesn't matter how many interfaith meetings you attend, how much you try to understand them, to the Muslims you are always just a dirty enemy infidel. And that also goes for those non-observant Muslims who don't subscribe to the Islamic view of worldwide Islamic empire - you have sold out to the filthy, dirty kaffirs. This is supplemented by the rather conspratorial claim that Americans/Britons would exterminate all Muslims given the chance, when in fact, as I know, almost no Americans/Britons would give a second thought to Islam if it wasn't for terrorist attacks and this kind of seditious writing.

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