The Anti-Blitzkrieg



It's a good point, and you see examples of it everywhere. In the CF for instance. Before Gen. Hillier came took office, the CF as a whole was all about staying out of the limelight while trying as hard as possible to be the most politically correct institution on the face of the earth. Why? Because the high ranking officers were scared silly of another Somalia scandal. They were terrified that the media might write something bad about them, and that as a result their recruiting would go down, their public image would be tarnished, and their budgets would be slashed.

Enter Gen. Hillier - a man with an opinion, a strategy, and the intestinal fortitude to do what needs doing regardless of public opinion. In a short time he's done miracles to transform the CF into a force to be reckoned with. With leaders like him, the media becomes irrelevant because they refuse to surrender to the touchy-feely crowd. Unfortunately for Pres. Bush, at some point he decided that public perception was more important than results.

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