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The Left is Truly Depraved

Election Central:

"My personal view is that we should crush fascism wherever it comes up," Hashmi told me, "but many people on the left don't even see it when it's there. And one of the most dangerous things that is happening is that the left and the Islamists have found common cause, and it's very frightening."

From useful idiots to useful infidels.

The West won the Cold War (WWIII) and now its engaged in the Fourth World War. Still, the Left finds comfort with the enemy. This time, though, there isn't even any ideological kinship. If the Islamists were to make a hit list, then the Leftists would be closer to the top than the conservative and religious Right.

Thanks to Josh Scholar for the link.


Josh Scholar

You forgot the closing "d" on "Depraved".

Though I don't recommend that title. I don't think you're making any inroads on the left, which is a shame.

Isaac Schrödinger

Added the "d".

I think the effect of one post is close to nil. Though, I do hope that such material provides rhetorical ammunition to non-Leftists.

Plus, I needed a title and that just jumped out.


There are some people on the left who are intelligent and realistic and capable of understanding what's going on. "Armed Liberal" from Winds of Change is a good example. For the most part though, you're right, and there's little chance of getting them to see the light. Most liberals are more interesting in playing politics than keeping themselves (let alone their countrymen) safe. It's just so much more politically expedient to let the Republicans (or Conservatives) do all the hard work, while shrilly pointing out their mistakes and denigrating them on a daily basis.


Did you come up with the idiot/infidel thing? 'Cause its pretty good!

Isaac Schrödinger

I've been using the "useful infidel" term since September 2005. Unless someone used it before then, I'm the creator!

Josh Scholar

Also, if you ever want to make any connections left of, say, Ronald Reagan, I would drop that "the cold war was the third world war" silliness.

Keep in mind that one of the main reasons the right was so obsessed with the communists and the cold war was their feeling that communists were, well, infidels trying to drive people away from God.

You of all people should understand how much people lose perspective when they start thinking that way.

The cold war was an unhealthy obsession with the right, and you're going to be shunned as an embarrassment if you adopt all of the right's nuttiest obsessions.


Jews made common cause with socialists in Eastern Europe and Russia before the revolution, and look what it got them. To be fair, life for Jews in Czarist Russia and in Poland and places like that was pretty wretched before then.

Josh, I'm pretty sure there were sound reasons for us to dislike communism besides the "godless" part. Like, it has a tendency to permanently wreck a country's economy. There really was a cold war, like it or not.

Josh Scholar

Look, Stalin was evil, the Communists supported unnecessary revolutions which is a horribly destructive idea, and the communist states (as opposed to many "market socialist" states) were pretty oppressive...

But let's admit that it make no more sense for people to fight a war over economic theories as it does for people to fight a war over religion.

And the fact is that the American right was every bit as comfortable with starting wars to oppose economic policies in other countries as the Politburo was.

Josh Scholar

I'll also admit that the cold war started out as the Soviet's fault. They declared war on the world as it were...

But it also seemed to get less and less serious as the years drug on, but America seemed obsessed with it to the very end, especially the right.

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