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Fabulous Oppression

The Burqa Heist

The Toronto Star:

One recent robbery included a male thief disguised in a head-to-toe burqa.

As I said about the banning of the burqa in Holland:

The security reason alone is enough. Netherlands is right on this matter. The rest of Europe still has its head in the sand.

I read somewhere that security personnel have been told to check everyone who wears a burqa. There is a possibility that a terrorist might dress up as a pregnant woman--a bomb would be attached to his waist.

Muslims think that this anti-burqa sentiment is oh-so-anti-Islamic. In reality, the Westerners who have noticed the security nightmare are only protecting themselves.

(I heard this story when I was in Arabia: The custom officials would check every piece of luggage for haram material. These guys were told to check every book especially the Quran. Why? Some pious Muslims were caught with drugs which they had put in the book after cutting out the insides.)



Re: drugs inside the Qur'an.

Either way, it's full of delusional and hallucinatory rubbish.

Isaac Schrödinger

I hear a fatwa in 5...4...3...

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