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Spencer Speaks The Truth


An excellent, conversational introduction to Robert Spencer's vigilant and pioneering work on  understanding and engaging militant Islam is available at Dennis Prager's page at Townhall Talk Radio Online.

The interview lasts a little less than 35 minutes.

We are reminded once again that the Jihadists have Muhammed on their side. And since Muhammed is infallible, by logical extenstion, the Jihadists cannot be vigorously opposed by "true" Muslims.



I'm suprised the Courts pulled this one off in Somalia.

I spent a year down in Kismayo, down on the southern border of Somalia.

I figured they were succesful when I read that they had finally managed to establish Sharia law down in http://www.garoweonline.com/stories/publish/article_5995.shtml>Kismayo.

They must have forced a few Habir Gigi' cheifs to submit to their "peace" in order to make this occur.

I don't think this will last too long though, since Kismayo is like the Amsterdam of Somalia, and the Somali (as the Brit writer said of pre-WWI Japan) tend to view warfare as a national past time (only surpassed by soccer).


Sorry about the double post, but here's a link on a good article about the Kismayo area, via Bill Roggio...

Somalia:Islamist cops nab 22 in raid on smokers
14 Nov 14, 2006, 18:15

Kismayo - Islamic religious police on Tuesday arrested 22 people for smoking in the Somali port of Kismayo, where they will be flogged if found guilty of violating a new tobacco ban, officials said.

Those detained were nabbed just days after local Islamist officials announced a total ban on the use of tobacco in the key southern port, in a new sign of their increasingly strict application of Sharia law.

"We started raids against tobacco users and we have arrested 22 people so far," Kismayo police deputy chief Mohmaed Abdulkadir Jibril told reporters here, about 500km south of the capital Mogadishu.

"Some of them were smoking cigarettes while others were using tobacco leaves when they were caught," he said.


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