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The best post on the 'flying while moron' incident:

Somehow, it comes as no surprise to me that the recent "humiliation" of six "peaceful" imams, who were led off in handcuffs from a US Airways plane simply (as they disingenuously claimed) for "praying" was in fact a staged incident designed to provoke exactly the reaction it did so its perpetrators could scream, "racist!", thus preempting all rational discussion.

Oh that's just the beginning. Read the rest!



Y'know, I had problems with that previous incident where someone was accused of "looking like a bomber" by fellow passengers and therefore escorted off the plane, because that was total case of paranoia in my eyes,,, but this??? OMG!! Those "imams" sounded like they really were looking for trouble. Why the changing of seats? Why the "loud praying"?? Ridiculous. I may not agree with the entire anti-Muslim rant of that article, but I agree that this incident was most probably staged. Three cheers for integrity. *rolls eyes*

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