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Thai Troops Out of Iraq Now!

Channel NewsAsia via Jihad Watch:

Thailand will close all 944 public schools indefinitely in the country's restive Muslim-majority south after a string of arsons and shootings that left two teachers dead, an official said Monday.

The recent incident:

In Pattani, suspected Islamic militants gunned down a 48-year-old school director inside his parked car then set fire to the bullet-riddled vehicle, the federation said.

The victim was the 60th teacher killed during three years of unrest in the south, where more than 1,600 people have been killed in the almost daily violence since January 2004.

The consequences of appeasement:

Since taking office after the September coup, army-installed premier Surayud Chulanont has offered a number of olive branches, including an offer to hold talks with militants, in a bid to bring peace to the troubled region.

But the violence has spiralled in the last month, with bombings, arsons and shootings happening every day.

Security First

The best post on the 'flying while moron' incident:

Somehow, it comes as no surprise to me that the recent "humiliation" of six "peaceful" imams, who were led off in handcuffs from a US Airways plane simply (as they disingenuously claimed) for "praying" was in fact a staged incident designed to provoke exactly the reaction it did so its perpetrators could scream, "racist!", thus preempting all rational discussion.

Oh that's just the beginning. Read the rest!

Lucid Psychosis

Black Lion is confused about why so many Muslims leave behind Islamic lands to live in the infidel world:

For some Muslims, there is only poverty and no option to migrate and make hijrah out of the country. For others of us, there are the resources to leave the US before we end up in concentration camps like many US citizens before us who were of Japanese extraction.


Races have been mixing for centuries and a religion usually has numerous sects. It is, thus, tough to define race and religion with precision. However, one enters a whole new level of hell when both of these terms are confused:

If you are Causcasian and Muslim, you are considered to have turned your back on whiteness, as much as John Brown when he endeavored to free the slaves by force.

Here's what I've said:

The idea that the critics of Islam are racist is already prevalent. But, now, a white covert to Islam longer white! Which "race" are these people converting to?

I'm confused.

By the way, what, in the name of sanity, is "whiteness"? Is there such a thing as "blackness" and "brownness"? What about interracial marriages--do the kids 'inherit' both "nesses"?

I'm really confused.

Back to the senile Lion:

Why is it that we only want to settle in countries like France, England, Australia, and the US? Why is it that only in these same countries are we as targeted as we are? Only the US was attacked, and probably by itself only, yet the other 3 joined in the retaliation like some bearded mullahs had jumped on all of them.

[Emphasis mine.]

Do you want to see reality on vacation? Read his post.

Test no. 1818

Mohammad Yousuf has smashed one of the most spectacular individual records in Test cricket. He has scored more than 1710 runs in a calendar year--a record which was set by the mighty Viv Richards in 1976.

He has rewritten the history books on these matters as well:

  • Only the third person in history to hit five centuries in five Tests. (The other two: J. Kallis and Sir Donald Bradman.)
  • Most centuries in a year: eight, on track for a ninth! [He gets it and in doing so becomes the sixth Pakistani to score two hundreds in a Test.]
  • Most runs in a three-match series by a Pakistani.

2006 will be known as The Year of Yousuf.

Think about this: Yousuf scored nine centuries in a year, scored more runs than anyone else and finished with an average of... 99.33. The Don had a better average over his entire career. That gives you some measure of that immense man.

The Moment of Our Time

Shane Briscoe:

Some of us have been saying that this is 1938 all over again, alluding to the irresistible buildup to World War II and the striking parallels that exist today. According to news reports from Pravda on the Hudson, The New York Times, it now appears that the Baker Commission is about to sign the equivalent of a new Munich Accord, only this time we are negotiating with both Hitler (Iran's Ahmadinejad) and Mussolini (Syria's Assad). The results will be at least equally disastrous. If President Bush goes for this sham, he is no better than Neville Chamberlain.

Down the Dhimmi Path


A school in traditionally Catholic Spain has canceled Christmas celebrations so as not to offend children who are not Christians, the ABC newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Hilarion Gimeno school in Zaragoza said teachers had put forward various reasons for not celebrating Christmas, but ABC said the worry was that Muslim children might be upset.

Hey, might as well adopt Sharia law if you don't want to upset the Muslims. Anything less will always piss off the umma.

Blu-ray is DOA?

TG Daily:

With the Xbox 360 moving so strongly into the market and the top accessory this year being the $200 HD-DVD drive the battle may be over by year end. There is every chance that there may be as many as ten times more HD DVD players than Blu-ray players in the market by the end of the year - even if you don't factor in that HP, the current leader in PC sales, started shipping desktop computers with a $100 HD DVD option.

My preference was Blu-ray because of its higher initial capacity. HD-DVDs top out at 30GB whereas Sony was able to make 50GB Blu-ray disks (with the possibility of 200GB monsters in the future).

BetaMax, Mini-Disk, MemoryStick, and now Blu-ray. At least Sony is consistent.


A Question of Allegiance

Read this post before continuing further.

South Asian, Desi, Punjabi, Mohajir, Pakistani. All these terms are applicable to me. Yet, I am not defined by any of them.

I started to realize this odd truth around 1998 in Saudi Arabia. Our Arab landlord had refused to shake my hand when he found out that I was studying in the US. I was greatly angered by his disgust. It wasn't the fact that he didn't want to shake my hand but that he hated America so much that really bothered me.

During the months after 9/11, I was wounded, nauseated and stunned by the gleeful and conspiratorial stories that poured out of the Islamic world. Upon visiting Arabia in December 2001, I learned about the party-like atmosphere at my dad's office when they heard about 9/11. Note, these were largely the same wretched people whom the Americans had saved in early 1991.

Finally, I had fully understood the consequences of that atrocious culture and the supremely noxious religion. I discovered blogs in the summer of 2002 and I setup my own little corner in late 2004. Not only have I left behind my religion but I also have the freedom to defend the very freedom that I utilize. Thousands of hours of reading have only strengthened my beliefs. I am on the side of the West and I know who I am.

You see, I was born an American... just in the wrong country.

Me, Me, and More Me

Mezba talks about relationships.

The part where he excerpts the letter of a mother and her 19-year-old daughter is particularly ugly.

A few thoughts came to my mind upon reading that:

  • Doesn't the wife have any respect for her husband?
  • Doesn't the daughter have any respect for her dad?
  • Doesn't the horny boyfriend have any respect-

Well, you get the point. Nobody gave a damn about what the dad thought or how the whole situation would have a deleterious impact on the younger girl. The overwhelming narcissism trumped all else.


[...] you would think as a boyfriend you would be a bit smart. If you are getting the bagging for the rest of the year surely you can go without it for a few days.

Oh, I think it was more about bragging rights.

To his friends, "You'll never guess where I did her last week!"

I'm sure the young couple will have a long and healthy relationship.

Fluid Morality

It's quite unbelievable to read such a post. Also read the first few comments.

Israel is effortlessly framed as an apartheid state (and thus the Muslims become the victims) while the sheer hatred of the Arabs is not even mentioned. Just read this innocent question:

Is Hamas’ refusal to recognize Israel’s supposed “right to exist” an ideological and/or strategic step forward, backward, or does it just maintain the conflict’s current state of affairs?

Here's a thought: maybe, just maybe, Israel doesn't want to allow people in the country that vote for a Jew-hating genocidal party.


TG Daily:

Xerox believes it has found a way to dramatically reduce the consumption of paper: The firm has developed a technology that automatically erases the prints on paper after one day - and allows the paper to be reused "multiple times".

No news yet on commercial availability.

Allah Have Mercy


Bruno seems to be forgetting that I am a BROWN girl, and considering my hair is curly 80% of the time, do you realize how hideous orangey/yellow strands would look on a desi girl when gelled?  I used to see those desi girls in the malls (mall rats) and their crazy streaks and roll my eyes at them and snigger "Oreos" at them, because lets face it, it just looks hideous.


I will never understand why people expend so much energy on trying to be someone they're not, when clearly they can easily expend same energy to improve on what they already are/have.

This desi girl clearly doesn't understand herself.

What Happens to Muslims Who Don't Support Jihad

Atlas Shrugs via IBA:

Watch this video here NOW(hat tip Dave). Apparently a Tulsa Muslim wrote a letter to the editor in his local newspaper, the Tulsa World, after viewing the latest al qaeda tape. The letter got him kicked out of his mosque.

A pleasant Muslim who was disturbed enough by the recent Al Qaeda tape to publically condemn it and call on other Muslims to bring Osama to justice is threatened and ostracized by... other Muslims in his local community in America.

This incident says a lot about the prevailing mentality of Islamic enclaves in the West. No doubt, many Muslims are sickened by the actions of Osama and his ilk but whenever they publically condemn that evil, "the umma vs. the world" mindset kicks in. You see, a Muslim should never criticize another Muslim in such a public manner because then the "enemies of Islam" can use the criticism to bash the Islamic society.

In this case, a Muslim strongly disagreed with Al Qaeda! Still, he got kicked out of his mosque. Think about it: Just how many more issues don't come to light because of this hideous paradigm?

How about these:

  • Wife beating.
  • Child abuse.
  • Cousin marriages.
  • Defrauding the infidels.
  • Raising money for Islamic "activists".
  • Views on race within the Islamic community.

Instead of facing such issues, the Muslims simply brush them under the rug. It's not that the ugliness doesn't exist, just that nobody dares touch it unless they want to face being cut off from their "brothers" and "sisters".

It's ironic that Muslims do this because they don't want to appear as terribly flawed and broken--they wish to showcase a united and flawless front. In fact, what the West ends up seeing: This totalitarian bunch would rather take the time to kick a Muslim out of a mosque for passionately speaking against Dark Age merchants instead of taking on the Islamists--at least rhetorically.

"Moderate" Muslims can't speak up in Islamic nations because they legitimately fear the Islamists in their societies.

It seems the same is becoming true in the West.

End result: Islamic communities everywhere remain closed, stale and backwards.

[Originally published on Nov. 25, 2006 at 03:07 p.m.]

Helping the Poor?

John Wixted so wants to support a minimum wage (via Instapundit). Do read the comments especially the ones by La Mano, an employer.

A couple of posts of mine on this topic:

1. Is the minimum wage good?

2. Exploiting the poor. I highly recommend this one:

One of my uncles was the manager of a factory in Karachi, Pakistan. On a few occasions, my mother told him to take me there, so that she could have some peace of mind at home. I was 10 at the time.

My uncle took me to the factory, left me with the workers on the ground floor and went to his office. I was fascinated with the workings of the machinery. Various ingredients were mixed in a sealed-off room, then the end result was put in countless tiny cartons with a capacity of 250ml each. Then, the small cartons moved along a metal line of narrow width. Soon, they went into a chamber which miraculously attached straws to the cartons. Sometimes, the chamber missed a few packs. It was my "job" to pick up these neglected cartons and move them back.

The workers were amused by my presence. One of them was a young teenager. He worked side by side with his dad.

"Why do you work here?" I asked.

Here's what I said in the comments there: "If it were possible to legislate higher wages, then we'd have solved the problem of poverty."

Women Love Gender Apartheid

Shariffa Carlo unleashes the Muslim woman. Hear her whimper!

This excerpt beautifully showcases the blindness of some Muslim women and the low value that is accorded to work by Arabs:

During the Gulf War, a Western reporter interviewed a Saudi woman. The reporter, trying to make her feel inferior, asked her, "Doesn't it bother you that you are not able to go and get a job as a waitress, if you wanted to?" This woman, may Allah bless her, answered, "Are you joking? I am a woman with maids and servants, why would I want to lower myself to such a task."

Never mind the fact that the maids are likely Muslim as well! But since they're from the third world, they don't matter.

Note the interesting choice of words:

Think about it, the job of waitress is a glorified servant. No woman actually aspires to it, most are forced to do it because there is nothing better for them. And, many of these waitresses are nothing more than cheap entertainment for men. When questioned about not being able to drive, Saudi women point out that having a driver is a luxury that most Westerners aspire to, why is it a humiliation only for Muslim women? In the same vein, the Western woman hopes for the ability to be a stay-at-home mother. It is a status symbol, yet they try to make us feel inferior for making that choice the most common and preferred one.

[Emphasis mine.]

A waitress is not forced to do her job if she doesn't have a better option in the short-run. By that logic anyone who aspires for a higher-paying job is being forced to perform his/her current labor.

A woman can be a waitress because she is earning money for college or maybe just because she likes her work. She can gain some valuable experience and later on search for a different job in an almost infinite labor market in the West.

However, those options simply do not exist for women in Saudi Arabia. In all my time there, I saw cabbies, bus drivers, gas station attendants, peons, sale clerks, grocery store managers, waiters, chefs, visa officers, cops, and the religious police. Guess how many of them were women?


How can Arab women make a choice between work and motherhood in a culture that offers them no jobs and that, in addition, has a retrograde and noxious view of labour?

Thanks to Wonder Woman for the link.

The Direction of Egypt

The Big Pharaoh is let down by his country:

Up till now the controversy caused by the culture minister's comments on the hijab is still raging. Every time I read about this story I feel more and more ashamed that I'm living in this country. There are numerous things that make me proud of this country, how the country descended into such stupidity, ignorance, and darkness is definitely not among them.

The Left is Truly Depraved

Election Central:

"My personal view is that we should crush fascism wherever it comes up," Hashmi told me, "but many people on the left don't even see it when it's there. And one of the most dangerous things that is happening is that the left and the Islamists have found common cause, and it's very frightening."

From useful idiots to useful infidels.

The West won the Cold War (WWIII) and now its engaged in the Fourth World War. Still, the Left finds comfort with the enemy. This time, though, there isn't even any ideological kinship. If the Islamists were to make a hit list, then the Leftists would be closer to the top than the conservative and religious Right.

Thanks to Josh Scholar for the link.

Test no. 1816 and 1817

Pakistan vs. West Indies. (#1816)

It's the 5th day of the Test and the game is heading for a draw. However, the match will be remembered for an impressive stat: Mohammad Yousuf became the third person in Test cricket history to score seven centuries in a calendar year. In addition, his average for 2006 is nearing 100!

He is definitely going to be one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year.


Just a few minutes after Yousuf scored his seventh century of 2006, another great batsman of the era smashed his seventh ton of the year!

Ricky Ponting is grounding the Brits into powder.

No Murtads in Malaysia

Malaysia Today via Pedestrian Infidel:

MALAYSIAN police said yesterday they have arrested a woman who had allegedly used SMS messages to spread false information about the baptism of Muslim Malays as Christians.


Some 1,000 Muslim Malays protested outside a Catholic church where the conversions were expected to take place.

However, the crowd dispersed after learning that the ceremony was actually for about 100 ethnic Indian Catholics who were receiving their first Communion.

Nobody died this time.

Religious conversion is a thorny subject in majority-Muslim Malaysia, where Muslims are not allowed to convert.

Proselytising of Muslims by other faiths is also prohibited.

Islam is oh-so-fragile.

Carlson Stands Up

Charles links to this YouTube video in which Tucker Carlson takes on a CAIR rep. The best part of it was when Tucker called him on the moronic racism charge that sly Islamists bring up to stifle criticism.

Another thing: look at the video between 5:15 and 5:23. Do you know what the kids are doing?

They're cramming the Quran in their heads. Anyone who has memorized the Quran or seen others do it will easily recognize the back-and-forth motion. It's very likely that all of them don't understand a single word of Arabic. But since knowing the Arabic Quran is what accrues prestige in the Islamic world (instead of, you know, having real-world skills), Muslims subject their children to this abuse.

Click here to read what I wrote on Quran memorization earlier this year.

Neglected Issues

Umar Lee: 15 Things the Imam Wont Talk About at Jummahu.

Dawood, a commenter, at Umar Lee:

How to integrate into americancer society:
4. Go out and get invovled in riba to buy a house and car you cant afford.
5. Buy the biggest americancer flag you can find and fly it off your new haram house.

Isn't he cute?

By the way, riba means interest--it's forbidden in Islam.

The Burqa Heist

The Toronto Star:

One recent robbery included a male thief disguised in a head-to-toe burqa.

As I said about the banning of the burqa in Holland:

The security reason alone is enough. Netherlands is right on this matter. The rest of Europe still has its head in the sand.

I read somewhere that security personnel have been told to check everyone who wears a burqa. There is a possibility that a terrorist might dress up as a pregnant woman--a bomb would be attached to his waist.

Muslims think that this anti-burqa sentiment is oh-so-anti-Islamic. In reality, the Westerners who have noticed the security nightmare are only protecting themselves.

(I heard this story when I was in Arabia: The custom officials would check every piece of luggage for haram material. These guys were told to check every book especially the Quran. Why? Some pious Muslims were caught with drugs which they had put in the book after cutting out the insides.)

The Light Shines Through

The Natural Truth:

Freedom wins! Just interviewed Ms. Darwish and she told me that Brown has now re-extended an invitation for her to speak--this time on behalf of the entire school! The blogosphere and talk radio win another victory for free speech.

Ms. Darwish is not going to get a welcoming atmosphere but at the very least the controversy has brought more attention to her speech.

Link via Through the Magnifying Glass.

Spencer Speaks The Truth


An excellent, conversational introduction to Robert Spencer's vigilant and pioneering work on  understanding and engaging militant Islam is available at Dennis Prager's page at Townhall Talk Radio Online.

The interview lasts a little less than 35 minutes.

We are reminded once again that the Jihadists have Muhammed on their side. And since Muhammed is infallible, by logical extenstion, the Jihadists cannot be vigorously opposed by "true" Muslims.