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It's quite unbelievable to read such a post. Also read the first few comments.

Israel is effortlessly framed as an apartheid state (and thus the Muslims become the victims) while the sheer hatred of the Arabs is not even mentioned. Just read this innocent question:

Is Hamas’ refusal to recognize Israel’s supposed “right to exist” an ideological and/or strategic step forward, backward, or does it just maintain the conflict’s current state of affairs?

Here's a thought: maybe, just maybe, Israel doesn't want to allow people in the country that vote for a Jew-hating genocidal party.



You know, at one point, mercenaries in Africa were getting paid $3,000 US PER DAY to protect some of the white landowners. Must be because the "one state solution" turned out to be so peaceful in South Africa that they wanted to show the mercs a good time. Pay them to relax on the beach and such.

It's a good parallel simply because the exact same thing will happen in Israel. Black africans went on a rampage, killing whites, confiscating land from white owners, and pretty much converting South Africa from a first world nation to a third world one. The only difference is that Palestinians seem even more fanatical and murderous, and as such can be expected to treat Jews much worse than those blacks treated the whites.


There's awfully little point in trying to be nice about this. defines "apartheid" thus:

"An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites."

Now unless apartheid has come to mean the polar opposite of what it usually means, then Israel fails miserably to satisfy the definition. On all counts.

Arab Israelis within Israel have full rights of citizenship alongside Jewish Israelis. How is that Israeli "apartheid"?

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank strive to wage a genocidal war on Israel and demand their own state - NOT inclusion. How is that Israeli "apartheid"?

Monkeys flinging their faeces makes for more intellectual reading than the bunch of bullshit that these f***ers constantly propagate.

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