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It is astounding how light "feminists" make of the situation faced by most Muslim women.

By mistaking the oppressive status quo of womens' plight for superficial changes, as those embodied in the article, they empower not women themselves, but the male establishment's continuing steel-like grip over them, and thereby reduce the prospects of those Muslim women who wish to escape it forever.

Contrary to the views of the article, there can be nothing to celebrate about trivialising the hopes, dreams, and frustrations of women who wish, for once, to write out their own destinies with their own hands.


I should perhaps make clear that the article I refer to in such derogatory terms is not Debbie Schlussel's fine commentary, but the Marie Claire article to which it refers.

Isaac Schrödinger

The dark pull of not criticizing "the Other" is so strong that the most female-oppressive culture on Earth is presented as a harmless Paris Hilton Club (minus the video tape).

I look forward to the writings of women who will, upon escaping such societies, lash Western feminists for their moral blindness.


From what I understand, the indefatigable Wafa Sultan will be unleashing a book at some point in the future. As with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Bridgette Gabrielle, Irshad Manji, I imagine she will have much to say about all this mess.

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