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No Murtads in Malaysia

Carlson Stands Up

Charles links to this YouTube video in which Tucker Carlson takes on a CAIR rep. The best part of it was when Tucker called him on the moronic racism charge that sly Islamists bring up to stifle criticism.

Another thing: look at the video between 5:15 and 5:23. Do you know what the kids are doing?

They're cramming the Quran in their heads. Anyone who has memorized the Quran or seen others do it will easily recognize the back-and-forth motion. It's very likely that all of them don't understand a single word of Arabic. But since knowing the Arabic Quran is what accrues prestige in the Islamic world (instead of, you know, having real-world skills), Muslims subject their children to this abuse.

Click here to read what I wrote on Quran memorization earlier this year.


Chuck the Lucky

The bobbing back and forth is what certain mental patients do to calm themselves. I think that it is a comforting repetitive stimulus that distracts them and helps them deal with things that are running through their heads.

David Boxenhorn

I was hoping that he would focus on the fact that while CAIR accuses the US of racism, it defends truly racist countries.

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