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"Keywords: saw."

Funny that you wrote that - I wrote pretty much the same thing recently in response to a commenter on black lion's blog:

"That's convenient. As long as you don't have to see it, it's ok, right? Who cares that it's happening in the village next to yours, right?"

Isaac Schrödinger

True. It tells you about the power of the media and how Islamists so adeptly exploit it.

Countless hundreds of thousands were murdered by Saddam and his regime, and today many are dying and suffering under the boots of the Syrian and Iranian thugs. Yet, what makes an impact is not whether the killings took place or not but whether the public gets to experience the gruesome details via the TV and Internet.

That is the main reason the Islamic regimes loath liberty and fear free media--it would give people the chance to showcase the ugly truth to the world.

The Raccoon

The old "Take my wife and children, just spare me!" argument.


IS - it is exactly because of the media (and our rotting academia) that Iraq will fall. The media is anti-US. The US is pro-Iraq (as in a safe, secure and prosperous Iraq). Therefore the media is anti-Iraq... and mainly publishes stories which harm the US interests.

All these people bemoaning the Great Satan's intervention and wishing for Saddam to return will get theirs quite soon - probably in the form of a fast-travelling piece of lead through the cranium - when USA abandons Iraq. It is just extremely horrible and sad, what'll happen to all the sane Iraqis.

The media was working hard to turn into this another Vietnam. And by the Gods, they'll succeed... in the form of millions being tortured to death and weeping throngs of people trying to hang to the leaving American helicopters.

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