I Slam Islam

Allah is Insane?

From Egypt:

For the past 35 years or so, our girls were bombarded with the uncontested message that God wants them to cover their hair. Why does he want them to cover their hair? Because he wants so. Case closed. And there is nothing as powerful as the words "God wants so". Consequently, the mind of the girl has been terrorized into believing that she will go straight to hell if she met God with uncovered hair. A girl or woman who doesn't wear the hair cover is regarded as "less Muslim" or a Muslim who is not fulfilling everything the inhabitant of the blue sky requires. I have friends who smoke hash, have sex outside marriage, yet insist on marrying a covered girl because they regard her to be the "one who is following Islam and not missing out a huge requirement such as the hair cover".

"Less Muslim" is a very polite term for a burqa-free Muslim girl. Usually they're called naked or a whore--in public. The Mutaween in Saudi Arabia can arrest a woman who is not "properly" dressed; her owner guardian can take her out after signing a document which states that the woman won't "misbehave" in the future.


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