Unnatural Thoughts
ODI no. 2448


Josh Scholar

I posted my response to this sort of thing over on my blog

Isaac Schrödinger

Good points.

Once my dad and I got into an argument about Israel and "Palestine".

He talked about the peace talks in 2000 and why Israel, since she doesn't want peace, rejected the proposal.

I told him about the 'right of return' and said that Israel can't possibly accept that. My dad didn't know that little detail. When I told him what the 'right of return' entails, he at first didn't believe me because the concept of possibly millions of Jew-hating people migrating into Israel for peace is absurd.

I told him to look it up. He didn't mention the Israel conflict afterwards.

Josh Scholar

Your story implies that the hundreds of millions of Muslims who seem to rabidly support the jihad on Israel are never being told a truthful version of the conflict.

Once Jihad is in the air, everyone tries their hardest to avoid being fair don't they. The more angry they can make the mob, the more pious they feel.

Josh Scholar

But it's comforting to notice that your father had the empathy to see that Jews can't just let themselves be killed... I see where you got your empathy from.

Unfortunately I don't think such empathy is too common.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Unfortunately I don't think such empathy is too common."

No, it isn't. Most often, we see open celebrations when Jews or Westerners get killed. To be honest, I'd just settle for plain indifference.

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