Absolutely Shocking!
Redefining Meltdown

Warning: Volcanic Muslim Inside

Umar Lee encounters an angry Muslim--uh-oh:

My first reaction was that maybe the Post ran a hit piece on them, or on me, but when he handed me the paper to look I saw that this brother was seething with anger over the page two article about the controversy over the new Apple store in Manhattan which has a design that some Muslims feel look like the Kabbah. In previous days Muslim bloggers have written on the manufactured outrage around this incident and I tended to think they were right and that is why I was so surprised to see this reaction from a guy who has been in America for twenty years. This brother was pissed. He is no young hothead either, he is a middle-aged man with children and a very nice and friendly guy; but this issue has infuriated him.

A Muslim who has lived in the West for two decades is pissed because a structure in NYC is made in shape of a... cube!?

The dude needs to get a life.



If any civilizationally-backward-but-politically-aggressive Muslims + their secular appeasers pull any stunts about that bland structure, it will be an opportunity kick Manhattan Island out of its liberal, self-satisfied stupor....

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