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Steven E. Moore:

What happens when you don't use enough cluster points in a survey? You get crazy results when compared to a known quantity, or a survey with more cluster points. There was a perfect example of this two years ago. The UNDP's survey, in April and May 2004, estimated between 18,000 and 29,000 Iraqi civilian deaths due to the war. This survey was conducted four months prior to another, earlier study by the Johns Hopkins team, which used 33 cluster points and estimated between 69,000 and 155,000 civilian deaths--four to five times as high as the UNDP survey, which used 66 times the cluster points.

These "researchers" sacrificed their integrity to score a political point. Sadly, buffoons will forever use the bogus numbers to spit at America.

Link via Tim Blair.



Yeah, I saw the 655,000 figure in Toronto's "Eye" magazine/newspaper yesterday. The article was actually trying to defend this "research", saying it's valid because they used a whole 33 cluster points. Think I'll write in and give 'em a piece of my mind...

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